How to get better sleep


1)    Hard workout throughout the day:
The most appropriate way to get a good sleep at night is to work hard throughout the day, have busy schedules and engage yourself with different works; either that be your office work or home stuff.

2)    Avoid afternoon nap:
Usually it is a common perception that afternoon nap is beneficial, but it makes the night’s sleep difficult. So it is better not to have and afternoon nap and sleep well the whole night.

3)    Sleep early:
It is better to go to bed earlier, rather than wasting too much of the time on TV, computer and smart phone. Nowadays there are too much technological stuff that we, particularly the youth spends their time late nights and hence are unable to get the adequate sleeping hours. So the earlier you sleep, the more you would dream and also you would be able to wake up fresh early in the morning.

4)    Eat less at dinner:
The more you have at dinner, your sleep pattern is also affected. So it is better to have less amount of dinner and enjoys more fruits. Green tea is also a good source of giving you appropriate sleep. The afternoon lunch could be heavier, but the dinner must be as much light as possible.

5)    Avoid consuming water just before bedtime:
It is also a misconception as some Doctors suggest that consuming water before going to bed is quite beneficial for health, but they don’t realize the fact that consuming more amount of water before sleep disturbs you throughout the night as you get awake for the toilet. It’s better that you consume water 1-2 hours before going to bed and always make the habit to use the bathroom before sleep.

6)    Turn off the lights:
The more the darkness the better would be your sleep. Many individuals have the habit of not switching off the lights before sleeping, but it is not the right attribute. If you can’t completely switch off the lights better use the dim lights.

7)    Avoid sleeping pills:
This is the biggest enemy of natural sleep. Avoid using sleeping tablets, as it ruins the habit and then you get addicted to it. These have severe side effects, these pills rather than giving moderate sleep; gives extensive sleep, which gives more pain to the body when you awake.

8)    Avoid noise:
When you sleep make sure that the windows and doors are properly locked, if there is too much traffic noise outside. Similarly, even sometimes the noise of the fan or clock can be irritating; so it is better to fix it up.

9)    Stop consuming tobacco, caffeine and alcohol:
These are all harmful substances, but having them before sleep is much more harmful for health as well as sleeping pattern as well. Though alcohol initially gives a good sleep, but then in the later hours it awakes with gradual intervals, hence creating hurdles in the good deep sleep.

10)    Sleeping position:
Last but not the least, sleeping position does matter, as it impacts an individual’s overall sleep. The best sleeping position is side position towards the right. Medically it is the best position for deep sleep as well as keeps your body more fitter and activated even after waking up early in the morning as compared to other sleeping postures.


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