5) Eat a balanced diet:
It is quite important for every individual that if they want to look good, so they must have a good balanced diet. Repeated diets are quite harmful for the body mass, as not only it increases the tummy; but also makes a person look more older than their actual age. Though everyone love to have their favorite food all the time. But it is quite mandatory for them to follow the real essence of every food, either those be grains, vegetables and fruits. These all should be consumed in equal quantity throughout your life. So that you look fresh and young all the time.
4) Exercise:
Well either it be gymming, jogging, walk or playing any sport. Physical activity is quite mandatory, as if you will be be fit so definitely you would look younger thanyour actual age. Chubby and heavy physique makes an individual look twice of their actual age. So it is better that you workout on regular basis, either it be for a shorter time or else spending more on exercise is an essentialsecret for anti-aging.
3) Sex:
Sex is the most essential aspect for anti-aging. Though in west it is an open topic, but in some societies it is quite restricted. Regular sex can help you ingaining a good shape both physiologicallyand psychologically. If you don't have a for this activity then even masturbation is also a good source of relaxation and it gives you glowing charm on your face. But remember too much sex and masturbation is also harmful; so it is better you have it ideally for twice a week, not more than that.
2) Sleep Well:
Although the life is getting faster and faster day by day with the more technological advancements and tougher work schedules. Life is getting more constrained and people are having less time to sleep. But this can really have a damaging impact on the physical and mental wellbeing on an individual. According to doctors, scientists and researchers a person should have at least eight hours consecutive sleep a day, an afternoon nap is more than a blessing, but if you can’t than you should consecutively sleep for eight hours at night. Those who sleep well look much younger, healthy and glowing than those stay awake till late night and don’t fulfill their sleep properly.
1) Always relieve stress:
Stress, tension and depression makes an individual older early than his actual age, it is traditional saying as well 'Not to take too much stress of small issues'. Those who remain happy throughout their lives and don’t take too much stress look quite youngas well. It would definitely change your and you would enjoy all the perks In your life. Also you would look young, smart and extraordinarily beautiful even in your late life.


  1. Yes, I 100 % Agree with you top five tips, usually its depend our rotten we are not manage our rotten some time we don't complete seeping and some time we don't eat a time because of this more problem effect our health, so we should manage.rn

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