Best ways to save energy


1)    Keeping the AC at moderate temperature:

In summers when people really feel the heat they turn their AC’s thermostat to a very low temperature, but they don’t realize unless they receive heavy billing. The only solution to it is keeping the Air conditioner at moderate temperature. This gives you cooler environment, rather than over cool surroundings. It is suggested by the AC technicians to keep the AC at 26 degrees.


2)    Using Electric heater as less as one could:

Although the electric heaters are considered better than the traditional ones, but it consumes much more energy than them. Therefore, it is better not to use these heaters, and still there is a dire need to use them, so it is better to keep it in moderate roomtemperature rather than turning it too much higher. The majority ofpeople make a big mistake in winters that they use less warm clothes while at home and turn the heaters up. This is certainly not a good technique, rather wearing warmer clothes and keeping the heater at moderate temperature is the best methodology.


3)    Unplug the chargers:

It is the most irrelevant practice, particularly among the youth. They get so much lazy, that they forget to unplug the chargers of their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Similarly, we also don’t unplug the adapters and plugs of different appliances; thinking that it merely uses any power.

But it does, as nowadays there are many electronic devices and appliances used as compared to the past. So if these appliances are combined together and each one of them is not properly unplugged; it can cost quite much of the useless wastage of energy.


4)    Proper ventilation:

Though you use AC for summers and a heater for winters at home. But there should be proper availability of ventilation, that is the air flow should be accurate. Not necessary that all the rooms require AC/Heater. As some rooms are naturally hot or cold, so you just need to act smartly and make the path for better ventilation.


5)    Proper insulation:

This is one of the key elements of saving large amounts of energy. Proper insulation on the ceiling and the roof is helpful in saving good bucks for you, One time investment in proper insulation will give you relief for the whole life.


6)    Run your refrigerator effectively:

This is one of those appliances which consume high amount of energy. First of all the doors of the refrigerator needs to be properly tightened, it should not remain open from any side. Secondly a misconception among the majority is that the fridge should be kept for running throughout the day, else the cooling is not appropriate and its working efficiency is also reduced, Well this is absolutely a wrong conception. The moderate, appropriate temperature for a fridge is 4 to 5 degrees; the thermostat should be fixed at this level. Whereas it should be kept on turning on and off according to the cooling requirement.


7)    User energy saver bulbs:

Though the lights are the least energy consuming appliance, as compared to other equipments; yet its proper usage can turn the down your bill by 10-15%. Incandescent bulbs and tube lights consume a high level of energy, yet their output is much lower than the LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LED lights are nowadays considered the most advanced technology considered the best replacement of the fluorescent bulbs, as these LEDs consume less energy and give more brightness.


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