Mostly people or teachers judge their student’s capabilities on the basis of the marks they get in exams or quiz. This is such a wrong way to give your verdict because it only tells one side of the story. Its teacher’s duty to know what sort of a mind set their students have. One kid that was doing average in examinations but shows great response in classroom activities. And other that is getting high marks cannot do well in classroom activities. Its up to teacher to know why and what are the reasons behind it?



Assignments works like a mean of communication between teacher and students. It will tell how well they know to create an impactful assignment. So, assignments are really important. They will tell you a lot about students than examinations and about their capabilities of absorbing the knowledge. There are some ways through which teachers can evaluate their student’s assignment.



First is to set assignment topic; this topic can be related to anything that is in syllabus. But sometimes give them topic that is off of syllabus that could be the source of some new information for students. Try to give them difficult topic that will help them to research more and will eventually make them hard working. Tell your students that how you want your assignments to be, i.e. structure, word limit, and research material and free of plagiarism and fonts etc.



Teachers can check the material used in the assignment. If the data is relevant or up to dated? Sometimes students add vague and ambiguous information in the assignment that is does not support the topic. See if their sentences are crisp and concrete. It will tell about their writing abilities and intellectual skills. If they are suppose to write an about an author or a scientists make sure all their facts and figures are correct.


Check for plagiarism in assignments. It is getting very common these days. Students steal others work because sometimes they are lazy too research anything on their own or maybe because they are way past the deadlines. Copying others work can harm students in many ways i.e. they will not make an effort to search on their own, will not use their brain and eventually show poor results.Their readings skills can be penalized. There are several different online softwares that can check plagiarized work.


Teachers can also assess grammar skills of their students from the assignments. Students writing skills tell a lot about their personality.  See how well they know to use grammar. Also pay attention to their vocabulary. Teachers can use online software that check grammatical errors.



Conceptual questions are great way to observe your students knowledge. Always add conceptual questions in your assignments and see how students attempt them. Sometimes when the students that was getting top grades because his/her cramming skills were good but when it comes to the conceptual part he knows nothings. This is how you evaluate student’s capabilities. One thing you also do is; see if they use some bits from the lecture you gave them. If that students shows impressive progress then its teachers responsibility to channelize their potential in the right way.


See how students complete the assignment. Is it according to the pattern you have given them? Did they use the right fonts, format, add content table and references etc. it is free of plagiarism. It is very important that students complete all these requirements.  it shows their passion and determination  to achievethe required goal


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