Most successful and richest Businessmen of 2016


1)    Bill Gates:

The Microsoft founder is the American Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Business tycoon is at the top of the list for the year 2016. He has already retained the position for several occasions, but his longest reign has been from 1995-2007. His wealth currently is $75B, whereas his organization made a revenue of $93.58Billion in 2015. Microsoft is the world’s largest software house. Gates has formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is funding several charitable organizations; whereas it is also dedicated to the scientific research as well.


2)    :

The Spanish guru, founder of the comes at number two in the list of Billionaires. His fashion label Zara is the largest clothing wear globally, it has 6,000 outlets all around the world under different names majorly Zara. His net worth wealth is estimated at $67B and his company had an earning of $20.900Billion in 2015. Inditex group current employees are 92,000 workers. In 2011 he retired from Inditex group and handed over the company to CEO Pablo Isla.

He spends a very simple and decent life, he avoids too many public appearances and also gives very rare interviews. Rather than living in a luxurious house, he lives in an apartment in Galicia Spain.


3)    Warren Buffet:

The former number 1 business tycoon is at number three in the year 2016. The American entrepreneur is the owner of the largest multinational conglomerate (Berkshire Hathaway Incorporation), under which holdings of famous brands such as Coca Cola, IBM, American Express, Netjets and Helzberg Diamonds. His total wealth is $60.8B. His investments are different varieties of businesses including: retail, home furnishing, confectionery, jewelry sales, vacuum cleaners and electric appliances. His conglomerate is based in Omaha, Nebraska USA.


4)    Carlos Slim Helu:

The richest individual of Mexico and currently the fourth in the world is the owner of Conglomerate ‘Grupo Carso’. For consecutive three years from 2010-2013, he stayed on top; being the richest person on the planet. He is the owner of the largest telecom companies of South America i.e.

America Movil and Telmex. His wide range of investments are in the fields of Industrial manufacturing, Real estate, Education, Airlines, Media and Hospitality. His income stood at $50B in 2016, whereas his conglomerate Grupo Carso was able to make a total revenue of $5.2Billion in the year 2011.


5)    Jeff Bezos:

The fifth most successful businessman is the American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. He revolutionized online business, with his ultimate platform Initially, it was started to sell books online, but then with the span of time and expansion different products and services were also included in the line. He is not just the owner of Amazon, but also he also started Blue Origin in the year 2000; which is an aerospace manufacturing and spaceflight service providing company. Blue Origin is based at Kent USA, whereas Amazon is situated in Seattle, Washington US.
In 2015 Amazon’s revenue stood at $107 Billion, Whereas Bezos’ wealth remains at $45.2B in 2016.


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