The most expensive Airline ticket is finally revealed


The World’s most expensive ticket on an airline is hard to be swallowed, but once the facilities are given a thought. it becomes easy to be understood the reality of this one of a kind luxury. Etihad Airways, the second largest of Airliner of UAE after Emirates has held the prestige to accommodate their passengers with the most luxurious facility in an airline ever provided.
The cost of the ticket is eye opening $80,000 per head. The route of this one of a kind experience is from London to Melbourne. The Airbus A380 is providing this luxury to its passengers, as it is also ranked as a five star hotel in the sky. This airline has been named as ‘The Residence’.

The suite has double bed so that their clients can have a good relaxed sleep. Meanwhile, it also comprises of a bathroom so that the passengers can keep on freshen up during their flight. There is a 32 inch LCD screen which never let the clients ever get bored. Also in the living room there are luxurious sofas and dining table.

There is only one stop for the passengers on board this flight and that is Abu Dhabi. The customers are given the facility of first class lounge at the airport. The most expensive ticket from any airline previously was on the route from New York to Mumbai.
Etihad Airways, according to the 2015 report is the sixth largest airline operator in the world. With the inclusion of this five star residence definitely its ranking is going to be improved.

The airline provides separate staff for the passengers like door keeper, butler and chef. Also the whooping ticket cost includes the amenities of separate check in for the consumers and also the facilitation of private transfer to and from the airport.
For the elite class this is the luxury they were looking for on the board. The business class who travel often from Melbourne to London, this is the right flight they were looking for, also for the vacationers this is the perfect option; as they can enjoy on board as well,besides just off board throughout their holidays.


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