Most Influential upcoming Technologies that could bring revolution


1)  Home Delivery Drone:

Well, you must have witnessed drones around you, as these are becoming a common sight. The drone technology is becoming more popular day by day, just like robots were famous a couple of decades ago. So with this commonality drones are now becoming widespread all around the globe, even kids are having it back at their homes. But recently Amazon has decided to start their home delivery of parcels with the help of drones. Online shopping had never been so simple ever before. In this service there is safety and security of the products, as compared to the manually delivery by the man; many complaints of loss and damage were a common experience. Whereas it would also save time and cost of the product.

2)  3D Printers:

Soon its inception 3D printers are gaining momentum. Now there is no need to go to the shop for buying any solid materials; as these printers can easily print the objects in real 3 Dimensional. Chuck Hull is the American who founded 3D systems which make these printers. These printers perform the function of solid imaging process known as Stereolithography. Almost all types of solid substances could be printed with the help of these printers. It is a revolutionary product in the printing industry.

3)  5G:

Yes indeed the time of 4G is over soon and there comes the 5 Generation of mobile network. You would be able to enjoy wide range of mobile network coverage, which wasn’t possible ever before. Similarly, wireless internet speeds are also going to increase to large extent; around more than 1Gbps date rate is possible to be achieved with the penetration of 5G service in the market.

Some other advantages of this 5G include the lesser consumption of mobile battery, more security and also the availability of switch and router together, making it more faster and reliable connectivity.

4)  Flying car:

Everyone must have dreamt of flying a car in their lives, especially when you get stuck in a massive traffic jam. Well the dream is about to come true, as work is under way of building a one of a kind, for the first time a car that could actually fly. It contains 2 seats and have wings that can only open when required for taking off, else it can be driven on the roads just like a normal car.

The best thing about this flying car is that it doesn’t require any long runway just like the aircrafts to take off, rather it can even take off at any regular place , but definitely require some open space for the take off. For those who dreamt of getting away from the traffic jams with this flying car, still need to dream for any other such technology. As it only supports flying on short runways. But the best aspect of this car is that it has very easy computer controlled, which could be feasibly controlled by any person. You don’t necessarily have to be a pilot for flying it.


  1. All these Technologies will come soon to bring change and fill up the gape between all of us,and will save money plus time as well images in real shape.

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