Rio games '16, How big is it going to be?


Ever since the modern Olympics have started in Greece in the year 1896, it has grown since big to bigger; and with the passage of time it is turning not into mega events, but it also settles temporary mini metropolis within a city for about a month or so. The impact of Olympic is far more than just a sports event.

Since the hosting of the games is handed over to any city, the preparation and planning kicks off right from that day. In those durations of years to make the games a success infrastructure of the metropolitan is also improvised, providing with better job opportunities for the locals and certainly boosting the economy of the city and indirectly the whole country.

This year’s Rio Olympics is hosting the record number of athletes and participating nations. More than 10,500 athletes are participating in this mega event, whereas the number of countries participating is more than ever before i.e. 206.

But Brazil is currently going through political turmoil as there are mass protests going on against its current government led by President Dilma Rousseff. Whereas on the other hand it is not just the political concern that has created concern for the organizers, but an additional health issue of Zika virus has also created havoc throughout the country, hence increasing the concerns of the organizers. As the 62% of the total tickets for the event have so far been sold, whereas only 3 months are remaining for the event to kick off.

Yet all the issues apart, the event is expected to be the biggest in the history, certainly the game changer for the Brazilian sports as well as for their social, cultural and economic upliftment. The total number of events to take place in these games are 306 in 28 different sports, it is also the largest number of events in the history. Maracana will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the event. The main athletic event at the Barra Olympic park is going to be held at Estadio Olyimpico Joao Havelange.
Security is one of the major concerns for the event, since the beginning; it has been on the top priorities of all the concerned authorities to ensure that safety and security of both the athletes and the spectators; particularly the tourists are prioritized, as unfortunately the crime rate in Rio de Janeiro is quite high due to the influence of the drug dealers and gangs.

Brazil has gained quite a good momentum in the last few years in the sporting circle. As it has already organized a successful 2014 FIFA world cup, and then getting the hosting rights for another mega event in just the difference of 2 years is a big achievement. Both being the biggest sporting events.. The total investment in the Rio games is $29.6 billion. Rio de Janeiro is the first metropolitan in South America to host the summer Olympic games. So it is a great opportunity for Brazil to avail this moment and attain as much benefit as they can from this global venture, and if are able to make it a success, so 2 successful mega events in a row will mark them on the global map with propitious attribution of development.


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