Top 5 Free Apps For Socializing


One thing most of the iPhone users do on their dearest smartphone is to socialize. Yes, forget about all other apps, functions and features, and if iPhone users are allowed to just socialize using their gadget then they’d be more than happy to do that all day long. There are some who might think that such interaction with friends using mobiles and apps doesn’t really make us too social, but that’s not exactly the case. In fact, it helps us connect with more people than we ever could physically and stay connected to them 24/7. There are apps that come with Siri support, and you can even make customized use of it with Siri Voice Changer, to make the experience even better.

So, here are the top 5 apps that can be used for socializing on iPhone. Let’s take a look.

1: Twitter

Twitter Apps For Socializing

Twitter remains to be amongst the most famous social networks around today with millions of users who connect to each other, share tweets representing their views. Using twitter you connect with your friends as well as followers and develop your Say around the world by getting more and more people to follow you. Get notified of the latest events, follow your favorite celebrities and check out the latest pictures and infographics shared by popular figures in the industry, all to stay aware of what’s happening around and connecting with more people.

Twitter offers instant connectivity allowing users to follow anyone and instantly reach a big bunch of people having a captive audience. The app doesn’t just let you to tweet and re-tweet but you can also send direct messages to people who you want to connect with, search the topics that are trending in a particular region and stay updated with everything that’s happening around.

2:  Facebook

Facebook apps for socializing - dailyonweb

Facebook is so popular these days and almost everyone uses it to socialize and connect with their friends and to make new friends from around the world as well. The iPhone app gives you exactly the same features, options and functionalities. Using the Facebook app on your iPhone, you can be able to update your status, play games and connect with your friends. Using the app you can also tag locations and update what activity you are doing with your friends. You can also access the timeline and everything else that you get with Facebook official website.

3:  StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon apps for socializing - dailyonweb

Many might consider StumbleUpon to be one of biggest time wasters of the world, but really is one cool option for socializing with the folks you like. You may not feel the time flying away as you Stumble websites and reveal some amazing sites, articles and photos. The best thing is that it’s really intuitive, and as you like/dislike sites, StumbleUpon gives you more and the ones that are tailored specifically to your own specific preferences.

4: Skype

Skype app for socializing - dailyonweb

Technically not a socializing app for iPhone, Skype still gives you access to your family, friends and business contacts from all over the world. It’s one of those free tools that you can use for easily connecting with others and that too without having to pay anything at all. There’s a free video call option and you can make voice calls as well besides sending text chat messages. You can use it for sending files, images, and everything else you may like to share with individuals or a group of people in your contacts list.

It’s even a great choice for you to stay connected if you have to travel abroad often. You don’t have to pay any roaming charges while making calls to your contacts. You just have to bring up the contact you want to call and hit the blue dial button.

5: eBuddy Messenger

eBuddy Messenger app for socializing - dailyonweb

With AIM, Facebook, Windows Messenger and GChat all offering chat capabilities, you may not like to stay signed in all the time on all these apps while using your iPhone. Why so? Well, simply because it will drain your battery quickly and you may still be discharging it when nobody else is online.

As an alternate, you can choose eBuddy Messenger for chatting with your friends who are online. There’s a feature that offers push notifications allowing you not to miss whenever a friend gets online and you’re not using the program directly. As you get notified, you can send them messages right away.

Well, these are only a few options that you can try out for socializing on your iPhone or any other iOS device for that matter. You can pick ones you like and get in touch with more and more people to expand your social circle.


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