1) Give time to your family and friends:

There are many people who could be seen in our surrounding so much in their job and business that they don’t give time to their loved ones as much as they deserve. This creates a kind of gap between their social relationships. If you want to spend a successful social life, so this is quite necessary to keep up with your existing relationships as well as building up more and more social relations.

2) Spiritual enhancement:

It is quite important for individuals to have spiritual bonding with the God; they should pray and meditate on regular basis. This relaxes them mentally as well as makes them stronger as they have the spiritual support of the Almighty. They will never be down and never be hopeless.

3) Exercise and :

If you want to enhance your lifestyle is one of the key factors. Exercising on daily basis not only makes you physically stronger, but on the other hand mentally keeps you charged and motivated. Similarly doing Yoga regularly keeps your level of depression down and nourishes your intellectual capabilities while at work.

4) Proper Diet:

Keeping your diet balanced is very important for a healthier and smart lifestyle. All minerals should be part of the diet, but it should be kept in mind that neither should be eaten less nor more, it should be with a proper diet plan. This will make eating habit easier and will relieve burden off your tummy.

5) Keep yourself busy with different activities:

It is said that blank brain is the place for Satan. Indeed this famous saying is quite true. The more a person remains busy with different social activities in his life, so hardly he would get time to think of any negative aspects.

Besides your education and job you should be part of some social clubs, volunteer services, leisure clubs and other organizations, this gives you more exposure of different aspects of the society, you do honorary services as well and keep yourself active besides your routine work.

6) Always keep Smiling:

This is indeed the most powerful tool among all the tips, unless you are not happy with yourself and your surrounding you can never have a productive lifestyle. Smile is the cheapest gift you can give to others. This is the best way to keep on striving forward with an optimistic attitude in your life, no matter how much tough time you are going through. This will always help you get out with. ease and comfort.


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