Ear Surgery: All You Need To Know Pain & Benefits


The medical domain has advanced a lot. It morphed from a single vaccine for every problem to getting technology in the field that now anything and everything is possible.

In the era of Kylie, small ear surgeries implementation became quite easy by consulting professional doctors. 

Ear deformities like anotia, bat ear, lop ear, cryptotia, cup ear, and microtia hinder the child's development. It also causes unnecessary problems when the child grows up.

Ear surgeries are generally carried out to improve the functioning, shape, position, and proportion of the ear. No matter you are 6 or 26, all you need to do is find a plastic surgeon to correct those deformities and defects to improvise the ear structure. 

Ear Deformities: Here is Why It affects people?

What comes to your mind when you portray yourself with protruding ears? The most common thing one feels while thinking about protruding ears is peculiarity, weirdness, and abnormality. This is also the reason for youngsters and teenagers' anxiety at a workplace, school, or residence. 

Ear deformities later become a reason for restricted social contact. Some youngsters might not want to go to school, worrying about fellow students teasing them. It becomes severe when kids start avoiding parties and weekend picnics or choose different hairstyles to hide their ears.

While society does not teach them how to accept and believe in self-love, one can go for ear-surgery options. What it does is reshapes the outer portion of your ear, correcting the whole outlook and improving ear-deformity. 

A substantial factor to consider here is choosing the best plastic surgeon that holds the best historical record of the transformations. Some other aspects while choosing a plastic surgeon – 

  • Expert in the domain with vast knowledge 
  • An artistic eye and expertise in anatomy 
  • Wide experience in the same domain. 

A specialized surgeon will perform the best eye surgery to assist one in gaining self-esteem and confidence back. The phenomenal cosmetic outcomes will never disappoint you if you choose a specialized plastic surgeon. 

Right Time-Right Age to Go through eye-surgery 

An Ear Surgery could be performed due to many reasons like abnormalities and some medical conditions too. The ear's growth generally completes when one tends to become 5-years old.

Any surgery after that age will not hinder the healthy development of the ear. So, anytime between 5-6years old is considered the ideal time to get an otoplasty done as children are excellent and quick healers. 

Until people understand the social message that acceptance is the key to beauty, Ear Surgery can provide them with much-needed confidence and self-esteem. One can get the surgery done at that time too. It is never late to gain self-confidence, so is the case with ear surgeries. 

Procedure: Is it Painful and Stressing? 

Stigma and fears revolving around the name Surgery are real. 

Many people consider surgery to be all about pain and hassle. On the contrary, sedation and local anesthesia is used to numb the surgical area, and one doesn't feel any pain. The doctor decides what type of correction is required, and with the patient's cooperation, corrections are performed.

It generally takes almost 2-3hours to complete the whole process of stitching, removing extra skin, folding cartilage, and securing it efficiently. After the procedure, one should not sleep on the surgery's side, pull ears, wear tight shirts as they might pressurize the surgery area and cause pain and discomfort. 

The after and before results will be phenomenal, and one would see the drastic changes quite clearly. Even if the surgery fails, the revision surgery option is there to re-correct any issue.


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