Business Animation Videos You Should Add to Your Ecommerce Website


Creating a professional could be a refreshing experience. You pick the right template that goes well with your overall business structure. In the same line you select primary colors for adding specific spotlights on your website. You’ve also created categories arranged with navigation bars. You’ve left no stone unturned to create a professional-looking website that looks special and spirited. Nevertheless, videos, animations, and other moving artworks add lively forces at work to your website.

Furthermore, adding animations and videos helps visitors know about you without reading a single word. They know what you sell and promote at a single glance. These illustrations also help improve your business credibility online and attract potential clients. The Explendid Videos platform is your go-to place for buying splendid motion graphics and videos to promote your business. Here you’ll be able to get rich and cinematically cultivated videos for your corporate needs.

1. Onboarding videos

These videos are solely meant for the employees usually played during orientation for newcomers. Also known as welcome videos, it helps to introduce them to the business. Company intro videos help employers interactively connect with their employees without getting personal. Onboarding videos include ongoing business projects, employee benefits, career scopes, project prospects, and what to expect soon.

2. Animated explainer videos

These videos are a must to introduce your products. It helps you introduce your latest products and services interestingly. Your client feels as if they’re watching a small clip out of a movie, especially if you add enticing effects to it.  Animated explainer videos help describe your promotional items in impressive ways onscreen.

3. Panorama 360* degrees videos

This type of works best when your client or guest is far away from your place. We’ve all watched 360-degree videos on the internet that shows the whole area through the camera lens. The most recent type of 360-degree video is known as VR video based on virtual reality technology. It shows all the spherical angles that can be captured by the specifically designed omnidirectional camera. These videos are ideal to provide customers with an on-site immersive experience. Thus, adding value to your business and verifying it for your consumer market.

4. Whiteboard animation videos

These videos are the hottest trends right now. Whiteboard animations use white space to the best of their advantage. You can also add educational texts, artworks, and a teaching tone in the background. It adds a learning curve to your short-lived videos that offer more than your expectations. Besides, whiteboard animations are visually pleasing and have, a storytelling element effect to them. You can also hire a whiteboard videos expert who will create compelling short stories based on your business programs.

5. Product videos

This is a great way to advertise your products directly on your website. Product videos are highly effective if you put them on the first page of your website. These help you with conversions and attract potential customers to buy your product. Product videos also boost your Google search engine rankings. As a result, your website is easily searchable for users looking for the particular product or service you’re selling online.


Business videos help you modernize with the fast-moving digital world. There are several other types of business videos you can apply to your website. A few more popular ones include Behind-the-scenes videos, Business Intro videos, corporate culture videos, Promotional videos, Trainee program videos, and Testimonial videos. Now that’s a tally of eleven videos for the eleventh hour. Got it!


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