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Traditional or conventional education system is the kind of teaching methods that involves imparting education to children through face-to-face interaction on daily basis between teacher and a student. Students are taught same subject at the same time and a grading system is devised to gauge students’ IQ and if they achieve good grades, they are promoted to next level which is often refers to as next grade.

However, world have become digitalized and everything is now becoming part of digital revolution, education is no exception. In the current scenario, traditional education seems an outdated system. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of traditional education system.

Advantages of Traditional Education

  1. Organized Structure

In traditional schooling system, the schools or institutions have well-organized structure and foundation. Everything is preplanned, wheter it is the curriculum or extra-curriculum activities or everyday timetable.

  1. Punctuality and discipline

Getting to school on time, having certain time slot for every period, recess time and off timings, all are preplanned and are done as a matter of routine. This gives the students and teachers a feeling of uniformity.

  1. Inclusiveness

While attending traditional institute, everyone has to follow the same rules and regulations and same kind of treatment is rendered to every student, no matter what creed, class or background. It gives everyone a sense of belonging without segregating into various classes and groups.

  1. Face to face Learning

Traditional education let the students to interact with their teachers and peers. This interaction develops substantial between students and teachers and help students to benefit from teachers’ guidance and mentoring.

  1. Socializing

Interaction with peers and friends also adds to the students’ learning process. They learn to tolerate differences and learn to share and respect each other opinions.  This kind of interaction also develops and nourishes moral values in students.

  1. Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities inculcate confidence in students. It gives them opportunities to dig in and extract the hidden talents that they have and share them with the world. These skills being polished here help them excel later on in their professional life. Online education offers no such opportunities.

  1. Grading system

Grading system help students to be vigilant trough out their educational term and help, they overcome procrastination.

  1. Competitiveness

Traditional education system encourages competitiveness among students. They are encouraged and provided opportunities to compete against each other and get the best out of themselves.

  1. Facilities

Studying subjects like biology and chemistry needs the facilities like labs, which are provided by traditional school system. On hand training become possible only when you get the chance of going to school in person and learn experimenting on various techniques you learned about in theory.

  1. Degree

Degree earned through traditional education is recognized by every institute around the world. That piece of paper is a proof that you have passed a certain standard necessary to prove you is qualified enough.

Disadvantages of Traditional Education

  1. Expensive

Traditional education is quite expense as compared to some alternate education or online education, especially at college and university. Not everyone can afford such expensive education.

  1. General Education

Generalized education of times keeps the students from learning the things they are interested in. They become jack-of-all-trades but master of none, in other words.

  1. Passive Learners

In traditional system, teacher is the only source of information. Students do not make the effort to learn new things themselves.

  1. Lack Of Parent’s Involvement

Lack of parents’ involvement can be a problem, which is part of traditional school system. This makes parents and students distant from each other as a family.

  1. Extent of Information

As mentioned before, in traditional classroom, teacher and books are the only source of information, which can be limited as compared to online learning in which online information is limitless.

  1. Time constraint

People, who have to work for sustenance, find traditional education system tiring and of times impossible to balance between work, education and personal life,

  1. Limited Interaction

Social interaction is limited to local people and their knowledge base is limited about the people outside their immediate circle. Unlike online education, they do not have access to global perspective.

  1. Self-discipline

As long as you are under supervision of teachers, you maintain a discipline in your studies and other activities. Otherwise, you do not regard it, as you have not learned to be self-disciplined.

  1. Routine can be Boring

Sometimes, traditional system can make learning a boring activity, which makes learning tiresome and seems like a burden.

  1. Individual Learning capacity

Students have different learning capacity, which a single teacher cannot address in a class of 50. Tis hinders his learning capability due lack of teacher’s individual attention.

Author’s Bio: Gina Truman is a high school teacher and is teaching for the last 15 years. She loves to write and play piano. She teaches piano at Special school as well. And When student ask her that write my assignment so she guide and give free assistant and Her articles have appeared in many reputable magazines.

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