Gokarna Beach Trek Guide


I surmise by the title you may have perceived that this is a blog about the Gokarna seashore journey. Gokarna is a seashore town on the shore of the Arabian Sea which is popular for its excellent seashores and Mahabaleshwar Temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. In the Gokarna Beach journey, you discover six astounding seashores which will make all your pennies justified, despite all the trouble and Adventuresome will make your Gokarna seashore journey probably the best memory you could actually have. So Let the Trek starts.

Belekan Beach - Starting Point of Gokarna Beach Trek 

Belekan seashore is a serene seashore where you can simply unwind at the shore or go on a boat ride and appreciate the perspectives around. On this seashore, you have a precipice plunging spot where you essentially jump into the water from a tallness of 14 feet, in any case to state it is sheltered with Adventuresome. So we hop from the sky and jump into the pungent ocean in a real sense! When you begin posing a flavor like a pungent fish, you are prepared for the journey. You need to travel across the forested areas about 1.5 kilometers to arrive at the following seashore. This path is exceptionally ideal to walk and is anything but difficult to finish. Experiencing this path you discover greenery all around can appreciate the quiet of the wilderness. "Goodness! What is that sound, ending the quiet?"

Heaven Beach – The best seashore to Camp 

Ending the quietness of the Jungle comes Paradise Beach with some tremendous waves. When you arrive at the Paradise seashore you will discover individuals with tents outdoors there and relaxing in the sun. You can likewise loosen up a piece, yet the journey has quite recently begun. So you have to push forward. You can catch magnificent snaps with the blue ocean and with that we can go to the following seashore.

Half Moon Beach 

After the Paradise seashore, the following stop is at Half-moon seashore. It is a half-moon molded seashore encompassed by the lavish green greenery extending along the seashore. You can do numerous great exercises here like swimming, playing volleyball or simply unwind and see the waves moving. After re-invigorating, set yourself up for the following astounding seashore which simply a precipice ahead.

Om Beach – The Om molded seashore 

From the half Moon seashore, you have to climb and cross a colossal precipice to arrive at Om Beach. When you arrive at the highest point of the bluff, examine the ocean. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you may experience dolphins bouncing all through the ocean. This is the dolphin point. In the wake of examining the dolphins get down the precipice cautiously and you are here at the Om seashore. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have a Drone, you can appreciate the top perspective on the seashore and you will know why precisely it is known as Om Beach. We should go to the greatest seashore of the six seashores in the Gokarna Beach journey.

Kudle Beach – A Sunset point 

Traveling from the Om seashore to Kudle seashore, again you have to experience a little timberland which has an appropriate spread out the way with steps. Following this path, you will wind up at the Kudle seashore. It the greatest seashore in Gokarna. It is additionally the spot where most outsiders visit. When you arrive at the Kudle seashore you will feel that you are remaining on the last land and the seawater goes on till limitlessness. Appreciate the lovely nightfall at the seashore and snap some astounding photographs at the seashore. At this spot, you can play seashore football or seashore volleyball. You will see many individuals doing likewise. On the off chance that you are drained as of now, they simply unwind at the shore and appreciate the dusk. When the sun goes down the skyline, begin moving to the last seashore of the entire trip.

Gokarna Beach 

The journey from Kudle seashore to Gokarna seashore has little houses on the way. In the wake of strolling some separation, you arrive at the Gokarna seashore. Winds here are somewhat solid, so you will be totally covered with particles of seashore sand. Through and through you will have a great time at the seashore. You can plunk down with your companions and simply make pleasant recollections at the Gokarna seashore.


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