5 Strong Signs Your Home is Infested With Termites


Termite infestation is the most common and one of the most dreaded ones at households around the world.

Homes with wooden floors, wardrobes, doors, and windows are more susceptible to termite attack.

Termites can cause massive destruction to homes in a very short span of time. Hence, it is crucial to book Maitland pest exterminator services at the earliest possible. However, it is only possible when you know how to spot a termite infestation.

Here are 5 most common signs of household termite infestation:

Mud Tubes

These are known to be the most distinguishable sign of termite infestation. You can see mud tubes spreading outright from the ground along with corners or anyplace on the walls. This indicates that the termite nest is within spitting distance. You might feel that breaking the tubes down or cleaning walls with chemicals will get rid of termites. However, this is not the case! The mud tubes are an indication that termites have started to attack wooden furniture at your home. Check the almirahs, cabinets, and picture frames at your home. A high-rise apartment is also susceptible to termite attack! According to reports, termites have also been found on the highest floors of the gigantic Burj Khalifa! So, a house is definitely not safe. In case, you see even a single mud tube around your home, call in the professional for investigation.


Termite swarms are very common during warm and humid evenings. You can see them during the monsoon. These are mainly insects with large wings building a fresh colony. Swarm is a solid indication of a termite colony that can multiply into many other new colonies in no time! You need to handle them immediately to save your home from damage.

Wood Damage

This is an obvious sign of termite infestation. You can hear slight scraping noises approaching from wooden doors and furniture. Termites have a tendency to eat up the entire wood under the surface. They make very tiny holes (needle prick size) on wood. You will also find coarse and heavy wood dust. Simply tap the area where you see holes. In case, it sounds and feels hollow, the termite infestation has started. Hollowness in wood is a very serious sign of massive destruction. Hence, it should be dealt with immediately.


There are multiple species and sub-species of termites. Some live and build colonies in wood while others bury themselves in the soil. You can see termite mounds around your property or a nearby park which is a warning sign of a massive grid of underground burrows.

Trapped Doors and Windows

Wooden windows and doors are usually the first places of attack for termites. These places are easier for them to access from under the floor or outside home. You should look for signs like stuck doors, hollow frames of doors and windows, tiny holes, mud tubing, and wood dust. Call in for professionals in case you smell anything suspicious.

Book a Professional Pest Exterminator

It is not easy to get rid of termites by using regular store-bought pesticides and tools. Bug sprays are not available for termites as they don’t work! Traditional and outdated methods involve usage of use dangerous chemicals. This can cause much serious harm to human health than the termites. Professionals will do a thorough job. They are trained and experienced in the job. Additionally, they will use only safe chemicals without causing harm to you or your property. You can rely on them to ensure that your house is completely clean and got rid of all traces of termites.



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