Are you suspicious of your boyfriend cheating on you? Having a discussion about it can either clear your doubts or leave you with more suspicions on getting evasive replies. If your fails to provide you satisfactory answers, the best way is to take the support of the spy software to detect the truth. You can monitor the mobile phone activities of your boyfriend to see what he is up to. The spy software lets you read his messages, listen to his phone calls and track his location remotely monitoring his phone. This article discusses how you can catch your cheating boyfriend red-handed with the help of spy software.

How does Spy Software Work?

You are required to download and install the cheating boyfriend spy software on the mobile phone of your beau. After installation, the app accesses all the information stored on that phone and uploads to an online account. You can operate that online account from any device providing the confidential username and password. The android spy app provides you with enough evidence against or in favor of your boyfriend so you can get your answers.

Spy on Calls

The spy app records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your boyfriend and uploads the recorded calls on the online account. You can see the call time, date, call duration and name and phone number of the caller/recipient. You can also access the history of calls received or made through instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Line and Viber. If your target is in a romantic with someone other than you, his calls will surely provide you the proof of his infidelity.

Spy on Messages

Similar to calls, you can monitor all inward and outward text messages on your boyfriend’s phone. You can spy on voice and multimedia messages exchanged via instant messaging apps. The message log provides you with the message time detail and contact information of the sending/receiving parties. It means not any message of your boyfriend will remain out of your sight.

Social Media Monitoring

It would not be erroneous to state that social media oils the wheels of infidelity. It enables an individual to have multiple simultaneous romantic relationships. The cell phone spy software lets you monitor the social media accounts of your boyfriend. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik, Skype and many other social media and instant messaging apps. If your partner is using a dating app like Tinder, you can see his Tinder activities, chats and contacts. Likewise, you can monitor the activities, chats and friends list of your boyfriend on many other social networking platforms.

Record Phone Surroundings

The spy app lets you control the mobile phone of your boyfriend to spy on the surroundings. You can turn on the microphone and camera of the target phone to see and listen what is going on in the surrounding. You can take pictures and record short videos and audios to see where your boyfriend is, with whom he is, what is he doing, and what is he talking about.

Unlock Photos and Videos

The monitoring app accesses the pictures and videos stored on your target’s phone. These photos can help you know about the current happenings of your boyfriend and his new love interest.

Track GPS Location

You can track the location of your boyfriend with the GPS location tracking feature of the spy app. As well as the current GPS location, the location history provides you with the detail of previous whereabouts of your beau in a certain period of time.

Once you get enough evidence against your cheating boyfriend, you can better decide what to do next. Hope this article would be helpful in learning the use of cell phone spy software to expose cheating partner.   


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