1) Don’t enforce too much when he comes back home:
This is the most silly mistake which women make, when their husbands comeback home so they try to grab the attention of their husbands so much that they don’t care that he has come back home stressed and tired from his work. Especially the housewives who have a lot of activities to do at the evening which they plan throughout their day that they sometimes ignore this common fact that his husband is back from the tiring day and he needs rest and love from his wife.
2) Never ignore your at the bedtime:
Though you might be too much sleepy and tired at the late hours of the day, but never stop the little chit chat with your husband, especially at the bedtime. As that is the best time of the day to discuss what went through each one of you the whole day. Sharing of ideas and issues from both sides make the more and more strong. Don’t disappoint your husband if wants to have sex at that time, though you might not be in the mood some of the times; still you can show him some satisfaction and if really going through really a bad mood so you can let your husband understand that, but don’t disappoint him.
3) Don’t abuse your husband:
The relationship between a husband and his wife is pretty sacred and as women has always been a soft figure in this regard compared to their male counterparts, who are more rough and tough. Therefore always make sure not to use abusive language with your loved one, it seriously destroys the relationship for a longer term. Always listen more and speak less, this is the best formula which husbands like. Men don’t like their wives to be always in the dominant position. As men have the natural habit of speaking less and listening less compared to ladies who like to talk a lot. So always be careful about this aspect.
4) Sacrifice on your leisure spending:
Women spend more on their leisure as compared to men; they require make up, more clothes to wear, better food, good lifestyle and surrounding. Whereas men have the nature of less expenditure. Hence women should understand this aspect and try to fit with his husband’s way of lifestyle. If the financial condition is not too good, so she should cut of her expenses and never try to put burden on his husband’s shoulders. At the end money matters. Husbands really like their wives to be more financially miser.
5) Don’t do comparison of your husband with someone else:
This is the most irritating habit of wives which creates a sense insecurity among husbands. The level of love decreases in them for their wives, so they should never compare their husband with any of their friend’s spouse. They really hate this comparisons, men are usually self-sufficient and self-reliant so they don’t like their wives to do these comparisons. Though female have this habit, as they expect their husbands to be the same way as they dream, but in reality it is not like that at all; so they should avoid it as much as they can, so that their relationship could build on more concrete pillars.


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