5 Recipes that reduces level of Hunger and Thirst


If you are one of those individuals who, after every 15 minutes goes to the kitchen, then here are five recipes that can most effectively  resist your hunger.

1)    Fruits’ Salad:
Fruits are the best source of vitamins, so if you have a plate of mixed fruit salad twice a day, you would definitely be away from those oily and spicy food stuff. Fruit salads will give you the most appropriate taste of different fruits. Whereas it is the most effective recipe for the diet conscious individuals. Fruits have the highest number of fibers, which keep the body in tone and also a person remains quite fresh, compared to those heavy junks.

2)    Beans salad:
Well, if you think that fruits are not just enough to give to appropriate taste and you are spice addict, then you should try out the bean salad. It can be prepared by mixing up different types of beans together and then besprinkle of Spice and salt on it, it gives a delicious taste, also it is quite a healthy recipe as well; as it is full of fiber and .

3)    Banana, yogurt and Orange juice Smoothie:
If you have not tried out this one of a kind Smoothie, then don’t waste the moment and try out now. This is the best refreshing and energy boosting recipe you have ever tried. The mixture of Banana, yogurt and orange will prepare a juice for you that if you have it once definitely it would keep you charged and activated for the next several hours without having any other thing.

Avoid those heavily advertised energy drinks, as they are never suggested as the replacement of natural drinks. Because energy drinks those gives for the instance a boost of energy due to high levels of caffeine, but then later on it makes more lazy and have side effects for health as well.

4)    Dry fruits:
It is a misconception that dry fruits can only be consumed during the winter. But it is suitable for all seasons, especially for the those fellows who can’t resist their hunger. Dry fruits have high levels proteins and vitamins, hence keeping the body fit and also more independent for high consumption of heavy meals. It should be consumed twice per day, especially early in the morning and in the evening. Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios and Keshew;  these all are the most efficient source of energy

5)    Green tea with Cardamom:
This is the most efficient and effective drink to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Also consuming green tea twice or thrice a day can cut your extra meal to a large extent, as its ingredients reduces your level of hunger and thirst. Green tea has antioxidant ingredients in it like: Polyphenols; which comprise of Flavenoids and Catechins. So therefore it helps in keeping the body refreshed and active. Also, it is mostly recommended by Doctors to their chubby patients. Having green tea with regular exercise, certainly gives very impactful results.


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