Reasons You should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer


What can a personal bankruptcy lawyer do? The professional can help you erase debts. Filing a bankruptcy is not tough. However, it all depends on the complexity of situation and the type of bankruptcy you wish to file. One must be aware of all technical jargons and processes that go into the process. Hence, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can be a wise investment.

Year 2020 has been really tough. A lot of people have suffered due to the coronavirus virus pandemic affecting the whole world. Job losses, business issues and a lot of other issues made financial situation worse for many individuals.

People are unable to pay credit card debt, loans and bills. A bankruptcy lawyer in Miami can help you in the following cases:

- Car loan is past due and a repossession action may occur

- Credit score decreased

- Unable to pay home/personal loans

Bankruptcy Lawyers - How they Help?

Legal Advice

A bankruptcy attorney can help you with advice on legal issues. In case, a creditor has filed a complaint against you in court, an attorney can help. They will guide you to file bankruptcy petition with the court. Some debts may be erased towards the end of the case. This means you never require paying them back.

Sole Practitioners

Bankruptcy attorneys operate as sole practitioners. Some may work in a law firm. Some firms and lawyers also specialize in handling bankruptcy cases. They assist their clients file for bankruptcy.

Filing Case

Federal district courts deal in bankruptcy. You are required to complete a bankruptcy petition or paperwork. This will create a list of all of your creditors. They will receive a notice from the bankruptcy court. Your creditors will also have ample time in hand to raise any objections. After filing petition, a hearing (creditors meeting) will be held to enquire you about your financial situation and related paperwork.

Dealing with Trustee

Bankruptcy process is no different to financial planning. Just as you visit a financial planner to get advice on your financial plans, a trustee reviews your finances in case of bankruptcy to determine any unprotected property you may have to be sold off to pay creditors. It is the duty of the trustee to examine your property. An exempt property cannot be sold off or given to creditors. Others are categorized as nonexempt property (also considered as non-essential).

Debts in bankruptcy categorized as:

- Dischargeable versus

- Non-discharge debts

A professional bankruptcy lawyer will help you to understand the way your debts can be treated in case of bankruptcy filing.

Specialized Area of Law

Choose a lawyer with ample experience in this area. The best choice would be a lawyer holding a specialization in bankruptcy law. A member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is a better choice.

This is an association where lawyers meet to update themselves on bankruptcy laws and regulations. These voluntary Bar Associations are set up to strengthen the rights and protections of consumers filing for bankruptcy. NACBA played a pivotal role in legislative efforts that introduced changes in the Bankruptcy Code helping consumers and later became a part of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994.

The Right Lawyer

It is important to choose the right bankruptcy lawyer. Get in touch with your bar association of your state. The association will help you find attorneys. They will send you a list of attorneys in your community specializing in bankruptcy cases similar to yours.


A bankruptcy attorney will help you to erase debts. The result will depend on how complex your case is. Getting in touch with a bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation will help you a lot. Debt cases have increased during COVID-19.  Hiring a professional lawyer can help you get through the process without having to face the hassles.


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