Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover Is a Lie – How?


Internet is full of quotes of not judging the book by its cover. Different fonts, colorful backgrounds, but the same statement: do not judge a book by its cover. But time and again, it has been proved that it is a repetitive lie we keep telling ourselves. Secretly, all of us love a pretty book cover. We like them. We buy them. We endorse them. Because why not?

360 Ghostwriting has been in the book design for more than a decade now. We know how writers are highly concerned about their book cover designs and communicate the same to us. They have done their job by writing amazing stories. What more can they do? They are not an artist. However, the need to provide masses with eye-catching book cover designs is constant.

Pretty Book Cover Designs Excite Us

What makes a book reader happy is visiting a library or bookstore. What excites book lovers more is a pretty cover design. When people look for a distinct color to add to their wardrobe, book readers hunt for book cover designs to complete our bookshelf row. Because book readers can achieve any reading goal, but a book has to live for years, it is always better to keep the company of pretty book cover designs.

They Look Beautiful on Our Bookshelves

A piece of furniture has achieved immense respect due to book readers; the bookshelves. Book readers like to hoard books – wherever, whenever they can. With the inception of the Young Adult (YA) genre, it has been established as a trend to present books in all their majestic outlook. It is the reason writers know they can rule the hearts of readers with their content. In addition to this, they can rule over the countless bookshelves with the aid of a presentable book cover design.

Book Cover Designs Are Instragrammable

From our faces in the morning to the midnight selfies, we post everything on Instagram and the other handful of social media accounts. The same applies to the pretty book cover designs – they shall be instagrammable as well. A striking book cover design possesses the ability to increase your readers' number and the number of your book sales.

Book Cover Design for E-reader Nation

In the contemporary era, many people also prefer purchasing e-books. Consequently, book cover designs act as a preview. It plays a vital role in e-book sales. When the e-book competes against millions of other books, writers and publishers need to put on a captivating and convincing book cover design that can sell itself.

The millennials want everything revolutionized, and the book business is not left out either. Book cover design has progressed itself as the face of the book. In the journey from parchments to books, one thing that has gained prominence is book cover design.

Thus, a book cover design needs to reflect the inner components of the book in a similar way a face reveals our emotions and feelings.


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