1) Don’t Fill With Too Much slides:

Never only rely on the material you are having in your presentation. Don’t put too much data in your slides, it gives a very bad impression to the audience. They just constantly spend time on reading those points, rather than listening to your words.


2) Engage with Audience:

If you constantly carry on talking and talking and don’t listen to the audience, then you might be a good debater, but you can’t be a good presenter. If you want to have your presentation the best out all, you need to be too much engaging with your audience. Keep asking them questions and let them ask questions in the middle as well, some presenters find it quite convenient to let their audience ask questions at the end of the session, this is also a good technique; but if you don’t want your audience to get bored so keep going with the flow and let them engage with you throughout your presentation.


3) Practice Before Your Presentation:

Some presenters are too much confident about themselves that they don’t believe in preparing for their presentation too much. But the more you are prepared, more you have the knowledge and no one could dodge you throughout the presentation. So it is better to keep preparing for your presentation at least two to three times. At least you should have the main headers memorized in your mind, so that you don’t just have to rely on the slides too much and your presentation would also be quite fluent and up with the pace.


4) Don’t keep It Dry:

The presentations which don’t have interesting aspects in it will make the audience asleep. So it is better to keep different facts and figures, pictures and videos in your presentation. Also prepare yourself with different types of activities, either mental or physical mental; with respect to your topic. These activities will give your presentation a much more makeover and you would succeed quite easily what you wanted to deliver. Make small points in your slides and avoid too much detailed sentences, as at the end what matters is your presentation skills and the way of delivering whole presentation.




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