When we talk about the upper body workout, we focus mainly on the exercises of shoulders, chest, arms, and back of our body. A strength training program always includes upper body exercises at its core. But it’s really difficult to choose the best upper body exercise. The choice of exercise depends on the bodily structure of a person. So a person really needs to thoroughly research the type of bodily structure he/she has and what suits best.

If a person is not so sure about the type of body structure or the type of exercises best for him/her, he/she can start to choose 1-3 exercises from each muscle group. We are listing here the 5 exercises for the great upper body. Start your regime of upper body toning with these and you will benefit immensely.  

Light cardio or warm-ups

Walking, light jogging etc, are considered as the light cardio exercises. One can even try elliptical stationary bike exercises etc. to start with. These exercises make you feel better by releasing and maintaining healthy chemicals.


This is an exercise which is performed with the help of palms. In it, the palms are pressed and the body is forced to move up or down with the help of the force of palms. It is mostly performed in a palm-forward position. In this exercise, the wrist remains in a neutral position and the elbows flex. Buying and installing a pull-up bar is extremely simple and cost-efficient. The method to follow for the pull-ups is as such:

  • Face your palms forward and then grab the pull-up bar with a grip. The grip can be close, medium or wide. Choose the grip according to your comfort and body structure.
  • Now bring your torso back about 30 degrees. This is stuck your chest out and make a curvature on the lower back.
  • Pull up the torso in a way that your upper chest touches the bar. Keep on exhaling while doing this.
  • Now inhale and lower back your torso.
  • Now make repetitions of these movements.
  • As the pull-ups work on the entire upper body including back muscles, abs, and biceps, it is advisable to essentially include them in your upper-body exercise regime.


Pushups are the opposite of pull-ups. In pushups, your hand rests on the floor and your body rests above. The version that we recommend makes use of an exercise ball. The position of your leg on the ball decides the degree of ease with which you can perform this exercise. To


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