How to look younger than your real age


3) Keep your body fit:

If you are chubby, you need to cut it less. is very important; make it a habit, start from walk for a shorter period; then automatically you will go for jog and then gradually your interest will attracted towards the gym as well and you will start giving more time for it, it takes time to increase your level of interest in exercising regularly, but once it is in your schedule; you will keep missing it out every single day.

Also for a fitter body and smarter face you have to be careful what you are having. For looking younger you must avoid spicy and oily food from the very early age. Have different types of vegetables, grains and fruits instead of those junk foods you have in the restaurants. Also eat limited, have a control on your diet. The more weight you would gain, even you are actually young; you would look older. So keep your body fit and slim, it gives a good impression on others.

2) Give special care to your hair:

If your hair look good so definitely you look much younger than your age. For this purpose if you have white hair so you should color it regularly, meanwhile if you have dandruff so you should use good conditioner and some natural techniques to keep it shining and healthy. For this purpose you can definitely use the paste of yogurt and eggs at least once in a week on your hair, similarly oiling the hair is very essential, especially coconut or almond oil; as it gives drastic change to your hair, makes them more silky and shiny and the hair doesn’t fall.

3) Dress well:

Some people prefer simplicity while other love to dress and wear up good. But for looking smart and beautiful you should dress up well, though it would be the toughest thing for you to do; and you really don’t like it. Particularly you have to dress up smartly. Keep changing the clothes regularly, though you might have a limited wardrobe, but you can keep changing them with contrasting changes; so no one gets to know that you have repeatedly wore it. But you need to have a good set of dresses, shoes and accessories in your closet.

It gives you a very good look and you can look much younger than your real age, those who don’t care of their dressing look much older than their real age, it has been proven. Some people try to look different with their unusual dresses, but it depends on your personality; it is not necessary that you try to be different, but even with the regular attires you can look smarter; you should know how to carry them and the comfort level is more essential.


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