A balanced life is important for your well-being and longevity as much as a balanced diet is for your health.  It is not often that one is conscious of the fact. There is a tendency to work hours together on a row and you end up bearing the side effects of the heavy work pressure and commitment you have taken over yourself. Sometimes, it may be even years before you realize what you have got yourself into. But when your do open, it might be a little too late. The trick to lead a balanced life is to be conscious of what you are trying to achieve and what you are sacrificing inorder to achieve it? And also answering the two big questions, Is it worth it? and what else can you do to ensure a proper balance? Meditation and balanced life are usually considered to be covalent because it prepares your body and mind to lead a balanced life.

Key Elements Of A Balanced Life

If you are wondering as to how to determine whether you are leading a balanced life, you can do it yourself by rating yourself on a 1-10 point scale in following key elements that are required to lead a balanced life

  • Physical Health -Only if your body is strong enough you will be able to do what you wish to do without procrastination and you will also be able to make a business trip or a family trip without hesitation.  Physical well-being is a result of regular exercise and a balanced and healthy diet. Check how much you score in this element and analyze to see if you can better it and how?
  • Family- Being busy with work is no excuse to ignore family ties. Family ties are the best relationships you will ever get in your life and nurturing it by spending quality family time is a prerequisite for a successful life.
  • Social Interactions- Do you have Friends? or a group of people with whom you are comfortable to hang out with?. If yes, maintain their friendship. If no, start building this kind of relationships. For sacrificing relationships like these for the sake of work will definitely not pass on as leading a balanced life.
  • Financial Stability- This refers to the stage in life when you have the cake in hand, and would have to earn just for the icing on the cake. If you are working too hard and still not able to even have the cake, then you would have to sort out as to where the mistake is!
  • Civic Responsibility- taking time to invest in things that you care about in the community is also an important element in leading a balanced life
  • Spiritual Connect- making time to connect with nature, God or whatever you feel would refresh your mind and keep you energized is also a key element that is why Meditation andbalanced life are considered in unison.


Living A Balanced Life

No matter where you are on your career ladder or whatever your age, there will always be something or someone to answer to. There will always be a conflict between what you have to do and what you want to do. We must be able to handle these conflicts effectively in order to lead a balanced life without being bogged down by these emotionally stressful things that we encounter. By meditating

  • you will be nurturing yourself,
  •  you will gain awareness about your priorities
  • You will be able to plan to organize and direct efforts in the path of success
  • You will expect the unexpected and will also be able to cope with the disappointment
  • You will be able to maintain a positive attitude.

Meditation and balanced life go hand-in-handwith meditation are good for maintaining the physical, mental and spiritual well- being of a person.


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