Most Effective Tips For Hair Growth


1)  Conditioner:

Many people believe that conditioning is well enough for the hair growth, but they don’t realize the fact that conditioner makes the hair more thicker, hence the growth also increases due to better nourishment. The conditioner helps the hair from being more damage and hair fall quite considerably reduces. It makes hair silkier and shining.


2)   Hair Oil:

Not only shampoos and conditioners are enough for hair treatment, but regular use of hair is quite mandatory for better hair growth, smooth and shiny hair as well. Oil should be massaged at least twice a week. This is not just only good for the health of hair, but also it refreshes the brain as well. It is also very useful for the treatment of hair fall, itching, dandruff and anti lice.

The most appropriate way to use oil is implementing it before sleep and then washing it early morning while having a bath. Many people avoid oiling, because they feel it to be sticky and smelly; but they don’t realize its long term impact of long and strong hair. The people who regularly use oil are seen having less white hair, compared to those who avoid it.


3)    Egg Masking:

You must have seen egg mask being implemented on the hair by your sister at least once. Well, that is because this is the most common and widely practiced methodology. The egg has minerals which are required for hair growth like: iron and calcium, whereas it also has vitamin, fats and protein.

A mixture of honey, egg, and oil is a good formula for strengthening the weak hair. Also for dried hair this is a perfect mask.


4)  Avoid Hair Growing Supplements:

Those who believe that they can grow their hair in a rapid pace within a couple of months are absolutely wrong. As hair also requires constant care just like the rest of the body. So those who think the supplements available in the market will boost their hair growth, it is just their misconception; as nothing like this could happen. Most essentially these tablets and have some chemical formulae in them.

So these have side Effects and are never beneficial for hair. Though it might show some positive signs for a shorter period of time, but for longer duration it is quite harmful; it is better hair should be grown by natural phenomena and herbals, which have less side effects.


5)    Apple Cider Vinegar:

This is also considered one of the best techniques to enhance the hair. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed up with water and then gently applied on hair. It should be used at least once a week, it is anti infective.

This vinegar contains potassium, Magnesium and Iron; these are essential mineral for hair growth. It is quite useful for eradicating dandruff and for normalizing too much oily scalps.

Hence the regular usage considerably reduces itching and rough hair. Also hair fall is controlled, making hair growth possible.


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