5 Best Exercise Equipment For Seniors To Remain Fit And Healthy


No matter the ages are, people should continue doing workouts at every stage of life. At the age of 50 I never quit doing exercise. Daily exercise helps me in keeping active and healthy. It increases blood circular and cardiovascular activity. I know it’s important to keep a good mood, mind and memory. In hence exercising will boosts my energy, keep me independent, protect my heart, and reduce pain-related illness. Let’s talk about the mental and physical benefits of workouts: • It is helping me to keep my proper weight. • It improves my immune and digestive functioning • Exercising improves my strength, flexibility, and posture • I can sleep well at night • Now I am self-confident • I can do multitasking and creative works. To overcome physical and mental obstacles I regularly visit to my health instructor and he recommends many effective guidelines in choosing the best workout machines to keep me healthy. From those, below 5 is my all-time favorite.

Recumbent exercise bike:

My health adviser recommended this specific workout machine for cardiovascular exercises who are aged above 50. Since it has a back seat, the rider can get back support. And while using the recumbent exercise bike I found the sitting position so comfortable that I easily can carry on the regular activity in that machine for a long time. Even I used to reading books, watching TV while doing exercise as my hands remain unused to maintain my balance from falling on the ground. Even the tension of the machine is so good to maintain proper speed and pressure on the paddle.


I like running and jogging from a young age, and as now I am too old to keep running on the roads, I use treadmills indoor. I rather walk on the machine instead of running due to my ankles problem. My instructor prohibited me to increase my heartbeat at an uncontrollable level, so I quit jogging outside the home.

Elliptical machine:

When I didn’t have an ankles problem, my fitness mentor guided me to exercise on an elliptical machine. Working-out on that machine was more enjoyable as I used to get all benefits of walking or running. It used to give great workout from my legs to arms, glutes, abs, and even whole body workout. I still have the machine at my home but when I got injured in an accident, I stopped using this beautiful tool.

Seated ball twist:

It’s an interesting exercise tool that my health guide advised me to have. I found this exercise useful in abdominal & lower back development and strength. Holding that giant ball with hand and take the ball from one side of the shoulder to another was a fun exercise. After doing this workout I have seen significant improvements in my breathing strength.

Lifting dumbbells or barbells:

Though balancing and weight lifting is a very hazy workout for all, my health coach advised me to do simple weight lifting exercises like pushing and pulling. So I do this exercise twice a week as it helps me in isolating particular muscles. Most importantly, I never stopped warming up for a few minutes before starting the exercise.


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