8 Easy tips if made routine could increase your height


1)    Hanging exercises:
In our childhood we must have performed this exercise once, but when we gradually get older we don’t keep this practice. The result is a shorter height. If we make it a habit and perform this exercise daily by upside down without touching our feet on the floor; definitely we could witness drastically increase in our height. Similarly If you are fit enough so you can also do the wise versa. By hanging upside down. This is a simple yet very effective exercise. Only regular consistency is very essential.

2)    Swimming:
Swimming is also quite helpful in increasing the height, especially breast stroke is one of the most significant swimming styles for effective height growth. Usually the professional swimmers are very fit with taller height just because their bodies stretch a lot due to regular swim.

3)    Rope skipping:
This is also one of the practice that is quite helpful for a taller height. It is because you constantly are striving against gravity, hence the jumping stretches your body in the erected direction.

4)    Basketball:
This is the most useful sport for effective increase in height. This is the reason why basketball players have very tall height. Usually those players who start their basketball careers from their childhood are much more taller than the late starters.

5)    Healthy eating:
It is very essential that individuals must try to keep an adequate balanced diet. They should avoid oily, spicy and junk stuff. Whereas they should consume more vegetables and fruits. You should have more intake of iron, calcium, proteins and vitamins.
Always try your level best to maintain your physique, keep yourself slim and fit. Never let your belly get bigger.

6)    Drink more water and consume less drinks:
Water is the best source of keeping one healthy. Avoid energy drinks in particular and also cold drinks as well. Hard drinks are definitely the most destructive. So you should consume adequate amount of water a day. Usually 4-6 liters of water a day is beneficial for the human, lesser than that also affects the increment of the height.

7)    Volleyball:
This is one such sport which is quite beneficial for increasing the height. After basketball it is the most effective sport. Especially those players who play at the smashing position have more advantage to have a taller height compared to those who play at the mid and back.

8)    More stretching exercises:
The more you stretch more you would remain fit and in shape; also you would have a good height. Stretching regularly will keep you fitter and there would be less pain in your body parts, especially those who complain of more pain in their joints and back. So to eliminate these factors and adding more inches to your height stretching exercise is quite appropriate. Strecthing exercises are most effective if you practice them early in the morning, if not than after dinner include it in your exercise session and definitely you will feel the difference.


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