Tips to remain fit during pregnancy


1)    Drink  adequate water:

Women usually consume less water compared to men and during pregnancy, it is further reduced. But what they don’t realize is its importance. It is better to consume adequate amount of water during the tenure of pregnancy.

First of all it is beneficial for the health of the child and secondly, it is very significant for the mother’s health as well. As more water consumption keeps the women more hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.


2)    Exercise:

It is usually a misconception that during women should have rest all the time. Rather light exercises should be carried out throughout the whole pregnancy, it keeps the mother and child both fit and healthy. Women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy due to less workout and more eating habits. So these fats need to be melted regularly and the calories should be burned.

For this purpose having a walk early in the morning and evening, whereas slight exercising during the intervals of the day is quite mandatory.


3)    Having more protein and vitamins:

During pregnancy, it is significant to consume those foods which have more protein and vitamins. For achieving this objective vegetables and fruits are the best source. Avoiding more fatty and oily food is the best way to keep the body stable, balanced diet is crucial throughout the time of pregnancy.


4)    Sleep well:

It is better to have afternoon naps during the pregnancy, as these naps help in refreshing  the mind and body again. One nap in a day is enough, those who sleep extensively is harmful for health. Going to bed early at night and then waking up early in the morning is also a good suitable sleeping schedule.


5)    Avoid alcohol and tobacco:

During pregnancy alcohol and tobacco are real toxics. These are very injurious for the child’s health and appropriate growth. The child can have respiratory diseases if the mother smokes due to high levels of nicotene. Meanwhile alcohol makes the mother more lazier and hence it also affects the health of the child, due to presence of extensive amount of ethanol in the liquor.


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