Which things women should avoid during pregnancy, Very important!


5 most important things women should avoid during pregnancy.

1)    Don’t smoke:
Smoking though is considered strictly harmful for all people, but particularly a pregnant women should considerably avoid it if a women smokes during her tenure, so not only it affects herself; but also it affects the baby as well. For her it can cause cancer, lung diseases and heart attack; whereas for the baby it is harmful in that way that she can also having breathing complications, as well as she can get thinner. Also in some cases the baby can have growth hormone deficiency and also risk of cancer are also at high risk for the new born as well.

2)    No caffeine intake:
Though caffeine is not considered suitable throughout the year for any one, but in particular for pregnant women it is not considered favorable for consuming caffeine intake. Caffeine severely affects the new born, caffeine is basically a drug and it gives addiction, so therefore it must be avoided; as it can transform to the baby and he would not gain a good weight.

3)    Oily and spicy food:
During the pregnancy tenure the mother must pay especial attention towards her meals. She should not consume oily and spicy food, as oily food increases too much fat and for the flow of blood it is a major blockade, so health of both mother and baby gets affected. Similarly spicy food contains the risks of Ulcer.

4)    Extreme exercise:
Doctors usually advise pregnant women to carry on exercise during pregnancy as well, but it doesn’t mean that the mothers start exercising extensively the way they do during their general routines. During the pregnancy walk is considered the most appropriate, as well as light exercises are also considered very effective for a balanced physique for mothers and also the yet to born baby also remains healthy. But women should never try hard exercises during the pregnancy.

5 things women should avoid during pregnancy

5)    Stress:
Last but not the least women should avoid stress. They should try to remain happy and keep smiling during pregnancy period, as it is the most difficult and complicated period in a women’s life. The more stress means the higher blood pressure and it is extremely harmful for the health of the baby and mother.  To relieve the stress, a mother can start meditating; is another essential stress relieving exercise and also the prayer should be performed regularly for stress free mind and soul. It is all about the thinking, so the more a women would keep on repeatedly thinking about minor issues, so it creates more stress. It is better to avoid such minor concerns and only try to remain as happier as she can, it is very essential for the baby’s health, as the blood circulation and heartbeat of the new born remains efficiently accurate.


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