Very simple and easy tips to make your teeth whiter and strong


1): Sugar less chewing gum:

If you are having a gum having sugar, though it be and extremely expensive one and having all the natural ingredients required to make the cleaner and white, but if it is having sugar all its benefits are wiped off. So while consuming a chewing gum you should make sure that it is sugar free and is having a white color, also it shouldn’t have too much chemicals rather if it has natural fruity flavors so then it is quite beneficial for making the teeth stronger as well as brighter.

2): Consumer less chocolate, coffee and tea:

If you consume a lot of coffee, chocolates, tea and candies then you can never have brighter teeth. These products lets a lot of stain get stick to the teeth and its removal becomes difficult. So it is better that you should consume these products as much lesser quantity as you can especially coffee and chocolate.

3):  Avoid smoking:

If you think that smoking just have harm to your health alone, well you are wrong think again; as smoking is equally harmful for your teeth as well. If you are a chain smoker you will definitely have yellow teeth, this is because tobacco have nicotine which puts a lot of stain on the teeth. Also mouth cancer is at a higher risk if you smoke a lot. So it is better you get away from smoking as much as you can.

4): Baking soda:

It is a common mistake which we make, we don’t use the natural remedies; rather just carry on using toothpaste which is full of chemicals. It is good that you should use baking soda at least twice a week, just pour some soda on you hand and with the help of your finger you can implement it on your teeth. Secondly another technique is that you can mix the baking soda with some lemon drops and make a paste of it and then you can implement on your teeth. You would find drastic change in your color of the teeth, it would keep on getting whiter and whiter day by day; as it is an easy tip to remove the stains on your teeth. But remember not to use the paste for too long as lemon have citric acid in it. So it is more beneficial if you implement with your finger or brush on your teeth for not more than two minutes.


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