5) Mexican:

Mexican cuisine is inspired by its own special ingredients, whereas the Spanish recipes also have a significant influence on Mexican cuisine. Chili peppers, corn, avocados and tomatoes are the most essential ingredients used in Mexican food. Usually Mexican food is spicy and have different flavors in it. Majorly beef, goat and sheep are widely eaten in Mexico. Salsa is one of the most famous dish of Mexican cuisine. Pineapple, Guava and bananas are widely popular fruits used in different deserts.

4) Japanese:

Sea food is the most popular in Japan along with rice and soup. Japanese are pretty health conscious therefore they also consume quite less oil in their dishes. Salad is an important element with their dishes and they have it more in quantity. Japanese eat the red meat in less quantity and mainly consume grains and vegetables in larger quantity.

3) Chinese cuisine:

Chinese similar to Japanese are quite health conscious. They consume food in a little quantity, and indeed believe in quality food. The foods resemble Confucius beliefs and are bound with respect to those traditional values. Mongolian food have also a significant impact on the Chinese dishes. Noodles is the invention of Chinese people which is the most popular quick recipe dish now all around the globe. Soybeans, vegetables and rice are essential ingredients in the Chines dishes. Chines sausages are also quite famous worldwide. Herbal tea of China is famous for the digestion. Chinese corn soup is popular around the world and is in fact the most popular cuisine widely prepared at almost every inch and corner of the world.

2) Thai

Thai seafood is the most popular worldwide in which Spicy garlic pepper shrimp, grilled prawns with spicy peanut, crab fired rice, Thai fish cakes and Thai Tuna burgers are the most popular. Thai curry is also another delicious cuisine. Vegetables, spices and herbs are widely used in Thai dishes. Garlic and ginger are considered quite necessary in Thai dishes. Phat Thai Kung is also their famous dish made of noodles and rice. Mango sticky rice, Grass jelly, Khanom tan, Foi thong and pumpkin coconut custard are the list of famous Thai desserts.

1) Italian:

Spinach is commonly used in Italian dishes along with rice. Vinegar is an important ingredient in Italian dishes. Pasta and Pizza is the origination of Italy and it spread rapidly around the world and became a famous recipe. Pasta being a quick recipe, where Pizza considered among the most stylishly consumed recipe by people of all ethnicities around the globe. Italian salads are also famous and quite different from other nation’s either that be Chinese, Thai, Japanese or Mexican. Caprese salad is quite famous in Italy. Foccacia bread is also a famous cuisine; whereas Mushroom Risotto is a popular dish of Italian origin.

In the section of desserts the most popular among these is Tiramisu, which is cake made of coffee, eggs and cheese. Panna Cotta is another dessert popular in Italy made by thickened cream, coffee and vanilla.


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