1) Venice:
The Italian city of Venice is a wonderful option to add in your list for travel this winter. is a city surrounded by 117 small islands.  The city has a population of only 265,000 and it is a very calm and peaceful to enjoy your holidays in the winter break. The Grand Canal crosses across the city, giving it a more sort of picturesque scenery in the middle of the city. In the back drop of the canal you would be able to find some magnificent historical buildings which gives a really dramatic and unrealistic touch to the city, just as if you are roaming around the 19th century. Venice has been viewed by historians and artists as a delight to visit and for artists it is a must to do painting.
A boat ride is a must across the canal Also you must have a view of San Marco basin, whereas the other attractions are the Piazza San Marco and Gondola Punta Basilica salute.

Venice Italy

2) Nice:
The city is the capital of Alpes Maritimes in the South east corner of France. It is having a population of 0.35 million and is a very attractive old city of France, with an indepth history attached to it. The temperature of Nice is pretty mild throughout the year. Though the winters are colder, but not severe so you can have enjoy the scenic beauty of the city without any hassle or stress. The coastline around Nice has wonderful dark blue water, so you can have a good afternoon sun bath on the beach in winters. This is the fifth largest city of France, but it is not too much densely populated, so for the visitors, especially the the place is a good attraction.
The major visitor's heaven in Nice include: The tower of St Francois, the Palais de Justice and its beach. Whereas the old town is also a must visit, also the waterfall on the castle hill is a good spot to visit for relaxation.

Nice France

3) Valetta:
The capital of Malta is a must visit for visitors this winter. If you want to enjoy the attractions of a capital city of any country, then this calm and peaceful city is a must visit. The city has many historical attractions, the city's Valetta market gives you a great impression of a historical marketplace. Whereas the buildings of the city are quite different, either it be the parliament house or local council building, you would find the buildings have a European touch; though these have a different architectural touch to them. The city rebuilt from the Second World War, in which it had to face a lot of damage.
The upper and lower Barrakka Gardens is the major attraction of the city, from the upper Barrakka Gardens you can enjoy the coastline of the city as well. The St Barbara's church is also a must visit for the visitors, due to its magnificent interior and last but not the least St Elmo is a major tourist attraction for the general visitors and historians as well.
The city's weather is pretty abominable throughout the year and even in winters it is not too harsh, rather quite pleasant. So visitors can visit it any time particularly during the winter break.

Malta Visit


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