3 Most beneficial fruits of the month Ramadan


3) Watermelon:

As watermelon comprises of 92% of water, hence it is the fruit having the largest quantity of water in it. It contains Vitamin A, C, B1, B5, B6, Magnesium and Potassium. Watermelon also have antioxidant ingredients; hence it is quite beneficial for relieving stress. So while using this fruit during the Sehr and Iftar would keep you refreshed and fully hydrated throughout the fast.


2) Cantaloupe:

Fruit`s regular use during the month of Ramadan

This fruit’s regular use during the holy month of Ramadan will ensure that you remain hydrated throughout the month. As it also have antioxidants which relieves stress and keeps you active for the whole day. For the patients of Arthritis it is quite beneficial throughout the month as it strengthens bones and joints, whereas Cantaloupe is also quite useful for keeping the healthy and also the skin also remains fresh and healthy due to its regular intake.


1)  Strawberries:


Some people are always worried about increasing weight during Ramadan as well due to the fluctuating eating schedule, they don’t need to worry no more; as strawberries will help them keep balanced weight during the whole Holy month of Ramadan and their weight will not exceed too much. Strawberries are also quite beneficial for the heart patients during Ramadan, as these are enriched with Flavonoids. One bowl full of Strawberries in the Sehr will keep you fully charged for the whole day till Aftar, whereas while consuming it with the Aftar diet will make sure you don’t have too much of calorie intake; as the berries consume less number of calories.


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