Visiting the places where you would like to go and indulge in the things you normally do not get to do are dreams that you want to make true on your holidays. This is a time for the family and for you. Make it special by planning to spend the days in Greece. There’s a Greece Holiday package for every kind of traveller: lazy, excited, history enthusiast, bookworm, party lovers, nature lover, trekker, hiker, scuba diver, surfer, connoisseur of gourmet food, or just plain disoriented souls looking for an escape from their-kind-of-living-hell. Just state your need and your wish would be granted, here in Greece.



A UNESCO World Heritage site with its mythological links to the Gods is Delos. Here you can spend one day of your trip and still want to come here again to rake the ruins and find your imagination wheels moving in full speeds. Remember Delos for being the birth place of Apollo and Armetis, the twins and a theatre that could accommodate and entertain 5000 people 2300 years back which is still intimidating in its ruin as if the Gods often venture here in their sprit form.    


Commercialisation and sever tourism cannot reduce its importance as a must-visit tourist village. That aspect of the place as merged itself inseparably with the reasons people coming to Greece to visit Delphi. People often coming to Athens choose Delphi inadvertently (and vice versa) because of the short distance between the two. Places like Sanctuary of Apollo, Sanctuary of Athena Pronea nearby Ancient Delphi, various museums of importance and many others such as these never let the thread of visitors break. Valleys, mountains and your own Greek Gods welcome.


A place once owned by Ottomans and freed only in 1912, the place is a must visit at least for a monument like Hagia Sophia, history of which is amalgamation of 3 religions at once witnessing as you are in the present. When done with that, you have time to visit White Tower and Hagios Demetrios and catch sea view awaiting its onlookers. Mount Olympus, where all the mythological Greek Gods are perceived to be residing can be seen from here.


You are vacationing and Greek and staying away from Athens? Chances are nil, because you would like to bathe in the living breathing history of this ancient city that has lived through the ages of time and witnessed everything that we can only imagine about today. Forget about completing its tour in a day; at the least, you need 2 days to reach a minimum level of contentment of seeing Athens. Visit Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, National Archaeological Museum and Ancient Agora and we are still touching the tip of the iceberg.

You have come down to Greece and visited mostly the touristiest of the Greek places (if that could be said). So give yourself a worthy pat on your back by doing some off-the-beaten-tasks that you can cherish long after you have left the place. Renting quad bikes to compete with the rising baby sun or exploring places, catching ferries to one of the island to travel like locals and challenging yourself to eat any food offered to you as a gesture of hospitality are just few of the things you can get in your holiday package to Greece!


Author Bio: - Jyoti is a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent Greece Holiday package. 


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