What You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal Process


A tattoo is a form of art through which we modify the body by injecting inks, pigments, and dyes. The research shows that around 38% of the world’s population have at least one tattoo on their body. Tattooing is the art of making designs on the body.


People often design a tattoo of their favorite character or sign. A tattoo can last forever on the human body. However, if you wish to remove a tattoo for any particular reason you can get a tattoo removal treatment in Pune.


Types of tattoo

There are many types of tattoos, but a few are written below.

Traditional tattooRealistic tattoos

This type of tattoo design is very intricate. This tattoo look-alike design is intended to look as compelling as the reference image given. The design is made to look almost 3D.

Watercolor tattoo

The watercolor tattoo is the very latest in the market, and many people prefer watercolor tattoos because it looks modern.

Tribal tattoo

These are the oldest kind of tattoo with a history of thousands of years. Many ancient tribes follow this tattoo design and sometimes regard it as the identity of their tribe.

Skin and tattoos

When someone is getting a tattoo, the needle consisting of ink is injected repeatedly. This ink goes down to the dermis, which is a layer of skin below the epidermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of skin, it keeps producing new skin cells and degenerate’s old ones. So, if tattoo ink is injected in the epidermis , it would barely last a month or so. Tattoo lovers preferably infiltrate the ink in the dermis for a long-desired time; no new cells grow or are produced in the dermis. That is the preferred area to draw a tattoo.

Types of tattoo removal

Removing a tattoo is as old as the tattoo itself, and people have often used a very harmful and painful method for removing the tattoo. However, with increasing technology and education, people are now aware of safe tattoo removal methods such as tattoo removal treatment in Pune.  treatments found in cities like Pune.

Salabrasion and Dermabrasion method

Salabrasion is one of the oldest techniques widely used for removing tattoos. This method uses the salt-based solution on the skin layers to remove tattoos from the skin’s roots. Dermabrasion is the same as Sal abrasion with the only difference between these two is we use the mechanical instrument in the dermabrasion method. However, experts believe that both salabrasion and dermabrasion degenerate and destroy the layers of skin.

Skin excision method

In this approach, experts remove tattoos through a surgical process. The surgical procedure of removing a tattoo leaves a scar, and that scar’s size depends on the size of the tattoo. The experts believe that a small tattoo is easy to remove with this method, but tattoos that are larger in size are much harder to remove.

Subcutaneous injections of the solution method

The term subcutaneous means “under the skin.” An injection is made into the tissue layer of the skin. The solution of the injection affects the tattoo’s ink, and cleans it slowly and gradually. Nevertheless, expert research shows that this injecting method also leaves a scar on the dermis and epidermis, which later appear as burn-like marks.

Cream method

In this method, we use cream to remove a tattoo. It is a widely used method due to its low pricing, easy usage, and painlessness. In this method, the ink fades from the epidermis, but it stills remains present in the dermis.

Laser method of removing

The laser is the latest method for removing a tattoo. The laser is a well-known method for treatments regarding human skin. It is an effective way of removing a tattoo. Laser treatment also removes scars left on the body and eradicates the inks.


Now you must be clear about everything that is linked with a tattoo. Most people ideally choose the arm for their tattoo, but some people get in on their entire body. The tattoo can also start from one body part and end at the other end. The size of the tattoo depends on the design the person prefers. It varies from person to person. The culture of the tattoo is widely followed by many people around the world but it is most common by those of the west, especially America.


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