Top Destinations to visit this summer


1)    Palau:

Palau is a Southeast Asian country, having the marine boundary with Indonesia and Philippines. It has a total population of 21,000 inhabitants. The language is Palauan English. The capital of the country is Ngerulmud, whereas the largest city is Koror. The national language is Palauan, along with the official language English. The majority of the population is Palauan, whereas the rest are Filipinos. Some are Chinese and Vietnamese and the remaining few are from other ethnicities. The Island state has beautiful beaches, and in this summer if you want to experience a great vacation; then definitely Palau is a unique and new experience for you.

The famous places to visit in Palau include: Rock Islands, Belau National Museum, Balakal island and Jellyfish lake It has scenic blue beaches. There are a total of 250 islands, so requires a long schedule to finish all the spots.


2)    Nicaragua:

The county lies in the central American region, but technically it is part of North America. It has a population of more than six million, Managua is the capital and the largest metropolis. The official language is Spanish, whereas there are many other regional languages spoken as well. The majority ethnic group is the Mestizo, then there are lesser whites and fewer blacks and very less other ethnicities. 7.14% of the country is water and its shores are also magnificent. It shares its borders with Honduras and Costa Rica. It has beautiful landscape. So this summer another marvelous and new place to visit is this country.

The famous places to visit in the state are: Corn islands, Masaya volcano and Apoyo Lagoon National Reserve.


3)    Latvia:

A small country in Europe, it has a total population of over 2 million inhabitants. It has a pleasant weather in the summers. Riga is the capital and the largest city, whereas the official language is Latvian. The majority of the population are Latvians, then are Russians; after that Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians and 4.8% are others. Its currency is Euro. It has small, peaceful small towns, there are famous historical architecture Freedom monument and St Peter’s Church Riga.

The Gauja National park is also a sight to see. It has lush green sceneries which can’t be ignored.



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