3 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

3) Caracas, Venezuela:
The capital of Venezuela having a population of more than 2 million inhabitants is a beautiful coastal city having many historical building and wonderful landscape as well. But the metropolis is also facing many serious security concerns. The drug traffickers are highly active in the city, kidnapping is also quite common, and robbery is also another major crime in the metropolitan along with street crime. The law enforcement agencies and government officials are quite corrupt; this is the reason behind escalating crime rate in the city, making it the third most dangerous city in the world.
2) San Pedro Sula, Honduras:
The second largest city of Honduras, having a population of around 0.8 million inhabitants is at 272 ft above sea level and spread on 347 sq. mi. The city is quite beautiful with different sites for the tourists to visit. The city has a poor economy and the living condition of its inhabitants is not good as its local production is not that good and the businesses are not so much flourished. Banana is the largest production of this region, but the government has not been able to increase its production and export; rather it is seen a decrease in the last several years. The reason behind all this is the high crime rate and corruption in this city. The city is also infamous due to its very high murder rate and is also called ‘Murder capital of the world’. Drug trafficking, smuggling, robberies, snatching are some of the major crimes which are in high numbers in all around San Pedro Sula.
1) Kabul, .
The capital and the largest city of Afghanistan has been affected by the terror activities since the last sixteen years after the US invasion into the country in 2001. The city is the center of Talibanization and they keep attacking US and Afghan soldiers, they bomb major government buildings and famous localities around Kabul where they find soft targets and crowdy places; making the city very unsafe for the locals and foreigners. The city which was once very peaceful place has now become the most dangerous place in the world. The metropolis has a lot of corruption, also drug trafficking is quite common as Afghanistan is the largest producer of Opium in the world. Also kidnapping for ransom has become one of the major crimes in the city. The city’s issues could resolve if the US and Afghan officials make strong will to eradicate Taliban and Al Qaeda from the country so that peace could be restored in this terror affected city.


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