Videos have now become an indispensable part of you digital marketing plan. Whether you are a B2B business, B2C Company, startup, an established enterprise, or an entrepreneur – videos don’t discriminate. It is something that can do wonders for anyone.


More than half of the internet users prefer to watch online videos than reading text, this is why visual content naturally becomes a part of any social media marketing strategy.


When you create a relevant, engaging and interesting video, you can get the maximum benefits of this amazing visual content. With an engaging video, you can increase:


·         Brand awareness

·         Social media engagement

·         Number of leads

·         Customer acquisitions


When your video goes viral, it supercharges all your marketing efforts and helps your brand to get more recognition and reach.


But for most digital marketers, it is very challenging to get your video to go viral. Though there is no magic formula to achieve a viral lift-off, a relevant idea, high level of creativity, an emotional connection and a little bit of SEO can do wonders for your business. We can’t neglect the factor of luck here, as it is something you don’t actually have any control over.


So, focus on what you can control – the viral worthiness of your video. Have a look at these reasons why your video doesn’t go viral:


1. Your Video is NOT Engaging


Let’s watch these best viral marketing videos:’s Our Blades campaign.



Another great example of TrueMoveH, a mobile communication provider in Thailand



Dove: "Choose Beautiful"



Whether these videos create a sense of empathy or touch your hearts, they are all creating an emotional connection. Your video may be engaging, heart touching, unique, filled with any famous celebrity, or any amazing thing your customers ever saw. If it fails to warm the hearts of viewers or creates an emotional response, then there are no or less chances of success.


2. Your Idea is Not Out-of-the-Box


Viewers prefer to share visual content that inspired them and that they can share on their social media channels to wow others. In order to go viral, it is important to come up with an amazing and unique idea. This can be challenging because in majority of cases, marketers come up with boring or uninteresting ideas. And they end up with losing their viewers interest before they even get started.


When it comes to coming up with creative ideas, think carefully if your video has something that wow your customers. Try to amaze your audience with something extraordinary to encourage and maintain their interest.  And when you motivate the thrill, you will surely end up with a viral video marketing.


3. You’re Not Focusing on SEO


It is very important to make your video easily shareable so that everyone can easily share it.

You need to optimize your video for search engines to make it easy for people to find you visual content. It is recommended to keep these important points in mind:


·         The video title is clear, compelling and entice people to click

·         Use relevant keywords

·         Write an accurate Meta description of your video

·         Place a Call to Action to make it appealing

·         Share your video on different social media websites

·         Reach out some quality websites and industry bloggers and ask them to share your content


4. You Don’t Have an Active YouTube Channel


YouTube is the biggest but the only social media platform for videos. However, Facebook is a huge visual media competitor with more than 4 billion video views per day. But when it comes to optimizing your video to go viral, you prefer YouTube for its marketing.


So, in order to get high rankings on YouTube, keep some factors in your consideration, such as the number of views, ratings and comments and most importantly, channel activity. Brands that regularly upload fresh visual content to their YouTube channels and have gained a massive number of subscribers are most likely going to easily found on YouTube and more like to have videos that go viral.


5. You’re NOT Marketing Your Video


At this point, your digital marketing strategy comes into play. You video can create a bigger splash it is a crucial part of a comprehensive content marketing plan. Think carefully, is video an integral part of your marketing campaign? How receptive is your audience to this campaign? Are you getting an instant response from your audience from other digital marketing campaigns?


It is advised to get ready your social media followers with the right mood so you can easily convey the wow-factor of your video. Moreover, design the landing page in such a way so that it seamlessly flow with the personality of your brand and the message your video wants to convey.


So, when visitors click on your website, they are most likely to stay there, explore your website and eventually, become a highly qualified lead.


So, there you go… with original and engaging idea, the right SEO techniques, with the active YouTube channel and of course the right timings, you can create a video that will definitely make viewers feel to watch and share it. You can get millions of viewers with your viral-worthy video and can take your digital marketing company towards new heights of success.


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