He was born in California US in 1973, the Fast and Furious fame acclaimed had a net worth of $25 million. Walker started his career with television and later moved to the silver screen. He first appeared in the 1986 film Monster and the Closet. His major breakthrough in film line was the 1998 comedy movie 'Meet the Deedless'. He did several roles in different movies including 'She's all that' and 'The Skulls'. He then later got the famous breakthrough in the first edition of 'The Fast and the Furious' which made seven sequels. He appeared in several other films like: Joy Ride, Timeline, Into the blue, Pawn shop chronicles, Brick Mansions and District 13

Walker died when he was just 40 and had become a matured actor, he was going along a friend 'Rodas' in his Porsche car at 72 km/hr, when it crashed into a concrete post and trees. Both of them died on the spot. The news became quite viral and mourned on this shocking sad news.


2) Heath Ledger:

Born in the Australian Metropolis of Perth in 1979, the started his career from the Australian Television and later in Australian film industry, Ledger for the pursuit of higher level of fame and acknowledgement moved to US in 1998. He started his career in Hollywood from his debut film '10 things I hate about you'. He grabbed the real fame in the 2008 mega hit 'The Dark Knight'. He was nominated in BAFTA and Academy awards. He not only was a great actor, but also a tremendously talented music director as well. His famous musicvideodirectorialinclude:'Morning Yearning', Seduction is evil and Cause an effect.

Ledger died at a very young age of 28on 22 January 2008, due to prescribed drugs' intoxication. Though he had left us physically, but as an actor he is still alive in our hearts, particularly his role as a joker in 'The Dark Knight' can never ever be forgotten by his fans for which he also won the Oscar in the category of best supporting actor, he got this award after his death; it a more emotional accomplishment by him his last remembrance.


3) Amy Winehouse:

The English Singer and Lyricist was born in London England in 1983. She was singing enthusiast since her childhood, but never got an opportunity to sing though she was quite into the music scene, she became entertainment journalist and also joined a local band as a lead female vocalist. She started her career when she had an agreement with 19 Management. She was a perfect Jazz superstar, Darcus Beese heard her somewhere and became quite interested to sign her. Winehouse was signed to 'The Island' due to the efforts of Beese.

Wine house’s debut album 'Frank' was released in 2003 which performed decent and made her name in the UK charts. Her breakthrough was 'Back to black', which became a major international hit. It stayed on number one on the UK charts and not only that it also topped the Billboard. She also won the Grammy awards in different categories.

At the age of just 27 Wine house died due to poisoning by alcohol. She was considered one of the most sorts after Brit singer of all time. She was rested in London amid respect and dignity. Fans from all around the world showed there love and sorrow after her sudden death. Her father in her remembrance has founded the Amy Winehouse foundation which works to eradicate the habit of addiction in youth.


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