Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis Now


Sports are definitely great for health. These can improve the quality of life and help you stay young. Tennis is one of the best owing to its tremendous quality to keep you healthy and fit. Apart from the immense health benefits, tennis comes loaded with a huge number of benefits for players.

Listed below are the top reasons to start playing tennis today:

Get More Active

Yes, tennis will help you burn tons of calories! It is similar to running, but much more fun. The sport is no less than cardiovascular training. It involves agility exercise and demands strength and flexibility. Playing tennis regularly will help you lose a lot of weight too. It ensures enhanced muscle tone and improved overall health.

Get Competitive

Apart from being an amazing form of exercise, tennis is also a challenging game. It is a game you try to win and at the same time, have fun. You will attempt hard to achieve a goal and learn the art of getting competitive.

A Brain Trainer

As per research and studies, tennis is very effective for brain functioning. It adds to your overall general intelligence as it demands tactical thinking, emphasis and aptitude to react quickly.  Hence, this game is definitely a brain trainer with a lot of scope to make you sharper.

Learn the Art of Succeeding

In order to master any game, you need to become accustomed with your opponent and continuously work towards improving game and develop weapons. Additionally, it is crucial to think strategically. In case, you fail, you will stagnate. You must consistently challenge yourselves. Regardless of whether it is on the tennis court or your career, stagnation and contentment are harmful for your abilities. Playing tennis is a great way to teach yourself to apply your brain and a wide array of abilities and shots to conquest. You will encounter with better players than you from time to time. However, the fun thing about tennis is that whenever you set the work in, develop your game, and progress in skill level, you take a step ahead towards mastering the art of succeeding. Hence, it is important that you get out there and enhance your game.

Health Benefits

Undoubtedly, tennis comes with a huge number of health benefits. This is a game that demands a lot of strength, endurance, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and a number of other crucial skill sets to be able to excel at the sport. Now, this clearly means you are actually indulging in a workout daily. It is a physically demanding game. As per the latest tennis news, when playing tennis, an average individual burns around 600 calories on an hourly basis (playing singles). This is because you require running from corner to corner and at the same time swinging a racquet many hundred times. These actions will definitely help you get in shape. The game is also mentally demanding. It helps keep the player’s brain engaged. Now this is very important for individuals as they get older. Additionally, winning matches and playing well is certainly good for one’s overall mental state and attitude. Once you start playing tennis, it will brighten up your day. The famous tennis players guarantee it!

Mental Strength

Tennis players have to deal with a lot while playing a match. Right from the skill levels of their opponent, they must face the sun, wind, heat, and even a nasty opponent. Some of the other things they should deal with include the crowd, immense pressure on big points, money, and much more. Dealing with these things is only one way players can win the match. If they are unable to do so, they won’t win many matches. As a tennis player, you must learn to ignore the things that are out of your control. Also try hard and take full command of the things under your control such as performance, the strategy of the game and attitude. Tennis is definitely an amazing platform for developing both physical and mental strength.

The Art of Dealing with Downfall

Players can’t take defeat really well. Losing is tough on their psyche. However, it is precisely how one deals with the loss that decides his or her success in the long run. So when you play tennis, it teaches you how to bounce back from harsh situations. The idea is to smartly assess how you were defeated. It is also important to know about your strengths, weaknesses and even that of your opponent. Playing tennis will teach you how to improve your weaknesses in the future.

Learn the Skill of Planning

Another skill that must be developed when playing tennis is planning. There is a lot of planning required, from figuring out your practice routine and scheduling, tournaments, to charting out a time frame for fixing your technique on a stroke. Without a plan, tennis players will never improve. This is another great skill to learn from tennis because it is directly applicable to your success in life. Set goals and make plans that will achieve them.

Get Social

You will meet many players while participating in this game. Regardless of whether you play USTA leagues, the highest levels of tournaments internationally, or even at the local park, you can meet a diverse range of people and make social connections with them. These are individuals who love to play tennis just like you or professionals who play tennis as a hobby. Meeting new people and making connections is definitely good. You will learn new things, get new opportunities, know about new things etc.

Lifetime Sport

Definitely, tennis can be played for your entire life. You don’t need to stop even when you are 90. You can see the USTA tournaments which have a place for 70, 80 and 90-year old players (both men and women). In fact, tennis players look 10-20 years younger than their age. When you start playing tennis early and keep improving, you will play till you get older. You would love to play this beautiful and challenging sport.


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