3 Easy tips to make your skin glow


1)    Aloe Vera:

The most suitable natural shrub to help moisturize skin is certainly the . It is a stemless plant or a shrub with very short stems. It has thick green leaves, from which a white Aloe latex is extracted, which helps in moisturizing the . Aloe Vera is a wild shrub, but it can also be grown at home. So rather than wasting large amount of money on beauty products, it is better to use this natural herb and make your skin glow and remain fresh throughout the day.
Aloe Vera helps in reducing acne, this tropical grown plant also is considered quite beneficial for the oily and dry skin individuals. Apply the gel of Aloe Vera to the skin using hands or cotton, then let it dry properly and at the end wash it with lukewarm or cold water. Then dry the face again with a clean towel. So using this shrub once or  twice a day will refresh your face and will help in beautifying it.

2)    Honey:

After Aloe Vera the most influential natural ingredient is honey. For generations honey has been used for the treatment of skin related diseases and issues. Therefore, this is the best source of making the skin glow. Honey is not only good for the skin externally, whereas taking 2 tablespoons of honey on regularly helps in skin more charming as well as it is quite significant for the body internally as well, not only just for the external usage.
Honey should be applied gently on the face and then let it dry for some time, after that wash it with lukewarm or cold water. Using it regularly will help in reducing all the problems related to the skin, particularly pimples would be wiped away. But is should be kept it mind that the honey should be 100% natural, as the bottled honey available in the  market is less useful, compared to the naturally grown in the upcountry. Particularly the honey of the mountainous regions is the most suitable for the skin treatment, as it is the real raw form.

3)    Lemon:

In vegetables, lemon is considered the most useful for the treatment of skin as well as many other diseases. Citric acid in the lemon is a strong ingredient which helps in reducing the acne, dry and oily skin. Whereas lemon also helps in reducing dark circles which evolve around the eyes and also the spots which increase around the cheeks.
The most appropriate way to use lemon is to use 2 teaspoons of lemon and then mixing it up with some lukewarm water; after that, applying it to  the skin by using your hands or any soft cotton. Then letting it get dried up, at the end washing the face will make the skin glow. Similarly lemon’s citric acid also helps in improving the complexion of the face as well.

As compared to implementing Aloe Vera and honey, it’s methodology is the easiest, so the technique if applied twice a day would definitely show up good optimistic results; specifically for the unsatisfied ladies out there.


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