1)    Mount Everest:
The king of all mountains is the highest mountain peak on the planet is . It is called Sagarmatha in Nepal and Tibetans have named it: Chomolungma. The height of this magnificent mountain is 8,848m (29,029 ft) above sea level. In 1955 an Indian survey measured the official height of this peak. British surveyor general of India, Andrew Waugh had named it Everest. There are many obstacles in between the climb from base camp to the Summit, high level of wind and avalanches are the environmental risk factors involved in climbing the highest peak. Whereas Altitude sickness and frostbite are the physical problems associated. For the first time successfully this mountain was escalated in 1953 by Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Nepal). Since then many other mountaineers have successfully reached the summit of the peak, while the others were not that much fortunate and lost their lives for their passion for mountaineering.

2) K-2 (Godwin Austen):
In the local Balti language it is called Chhogori. It is the highest in the Karakoram mountain range. It is located in the Northern region of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Its height stands tall at 8,611m (28,251 feet). The ascent of this mountain is considered to be the most difficult, even more difficult than the Everest. There have been 300 successful attempts at this peak, whereas 80 climbers have lost their lives climbing this peak. The most difficult aspect of this mountain is that it could never be climbed during winters. Its topographic prominence is considered 22nd in the world.

3) Kangchenjunga:
The third highest mountain peak on the globe lies between India and Nepal. It stands at 8,585m (28,169ft). In its west lies the Tamur river, whereas on the east flows the Teesta river. The height of this peak stands at 8,586m (28,169ft) above the sea level. The Eight Thousander until 1892 was considered to be the highest mountain peak on the planet, later with proper study Mount Everest was then declared the official mountain giant.

4) Lhotse:
The fourth highest mountain peak in this world is Lhotse. The height of the peak is a mesmerizing 8,383m (27,605 ft) above seal level. It is located in Nepal. The subsidiary peaks besides this monster are: Lhotse middle and Lhotse Shar.

The mountain was for the first time escalated successfully by Swiss team members Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss. The easiest route to climb up this peak is the glacier, snow and ice climb.

5) Makalu:
This is the fifth highest mountain peak in the world. It is located between Nepal and China at their borders. The height of this peak stands at 8,485 meters (27,838 feet) above sea level. This peak for the first time was climbed by an American team in 1954. The parent range of this peak is Mahalangur Himalaya. This peak is 19km southeast of the mighty Everest. The two adjacent highest peaks of this mountain are the Kangchungtse and Makalu II.


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