5 Latest Innovations that can make life easier for you at home


1)    Samsung Smart Refrigerator:
You must be having very stylish and colorful refrigerators with the latest technologies, but the refrigerator, Samsung has developed will help you become smarter and clever. This refrigerator has some unique features which apparently no other refrigerator by any other company have. The refrigerator has cameras in it, if you turn the function on so it can take the picture from inside and email you once you close the door. You can play music on this refrigerator, whereas it also has the option of TV. One can also leave a note for the other on this refrigerator, while the other family membe is not home.

2)    Smart home gadget controller:
Gadgets are increasing day by day in our households, and with more additional gadgets it is becoming tougher for controlling them. Samsung has introduced a device by the name of ‘Samsung Smartthings’ which is capable of controlling all the gadgets functional at home. It works with different types of gadgets. Also, it has the battery backup, so it is feasible to be carried.

3)    Amazon echo:
Ever wished to switch off your devices by just commanding through your voice. Yes, your dream has come true. Amazon has smart speakers which can be connected to Samsung Smart Things as well, so that you can feasibly control all your accessible devices. This device also can do online shopping by the order of your voice. It can also do an amazing function of can read for you the audio books, which is definitely quite useful for those who have the habit of understanding the books when they listen, particularly it is immensely beneficial for the blind.

Amazon Echo

4)    Smart Cooker:
Almost all of us would have faced the burning of our roast, especially the housewives are really troubled by this vulnerable issue. But no more, Belkin has developed a Smart Cooker which can be connected to an app on your smartphone. One can easily control the cooking temperature from anywhere. Also, you can be able to receive the reminders of the cooker, also the status and time left for the food to get cooked can also be known through the app.

Smart Cooker

5)    Stack Alba Light bulb:
You must have ever used smart phones and watches, but for the first time; you can have a smart bulb in your home. Yes, it is true; the Alba stack is first of its kind of technology. This is a smart bulb, which can turn on and off automatically, that means it comprise of a built-in sensor. It detects when there is any one in the room and turn on. When the person leaves the room so it automatically turns off.

There are few other additional functions this bulb can perform, it adjusts with the availability of light in the room. If there is brighter light, particularly in the daytime; so the bulb becomes softer and gives dimmer light. Whereas when there is less light available, especially at night, so the bulb becomes harder and provides with brighter light.



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